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One day to celebrate love

February 14th is the love birds’ favorite day, that special day to show all your love to your other half, send love letters, chocolates, flowers and other presents. But do we really know where this important holiday comes from?

Historians believe that the current Valentine's Day has an ancient origin that stems from a three-day festival of Ancient Rome. The party marked the beginning of spring and celebrated fertility.

san valentin

Later, they wanted to associate the festivity with a saint of the Catholic Church, for which Valentine was chosen. A Roman priest of the year 270 BC when Emperor Claudius II prohibited young people from marrying because they thought that unmarried children would be better soldiers, Valentine challenged him by marrying couples that were in love in secret. Thus becoming the patron of romantic love.

February 14th of the year 494 was the first Valentine’s Day celebrated. Choosing that date for the celebration since according to medieval beliefs of England and France, in the middle of the second month of the year all the birds choose their partner in the beginning of the mating season.

In addition to having so many years of tradition and history, this holiday is the best excuse to show love to your sweetheart, friends and family. In different regions of the world it is celebrated in a different way.

In Denmark and Norway, for example, men usually send love poems with funny rhymes anonymously. If the woman is right in guessing who sent the poem, she gets an Easter egg and if she loses, she must give him an Easter egg. In England, single women usually put five bay leaves on the pillow, one at each corner and another in the center, to try to attract their future husband. In the United States, some countries in Latin America and Spain, it is used to give a little present to the loved one, such as chocolates, letters, flowers and others.

Also, this day, hundreds of weddings are held worldwide, including the mass weddings of hundreds of people in countries such as the Philippines and more than 220,000 marriage proposals are being made around the world.

san valentin en solaris

At the Solaris Resorts we also celebrate this important date in a big way with many activities during the day and night.

In Cancun

From early in the morning our beloved Panchito disguised himself as a cupid to visit all those who were having breakfast at Café Solaris and Las Fuentes and he gave a rose to all the women. Later the romanticism continued with a special couples salsa lesson, as well as a romantic movie trivia, “the perfect couples”' game by the pool and much more.

san valentin en solaris cancun

The children also enjoyed this day at the Mini Club where they made a letter to their secret friend, a beautiful heart frame, paper flowers and had a fun games night.

In the evening, we had a very special dinner, with the stars as background in the pool area of GR Caribe, our members and guests were delighted with an international gourmet buffet and many delicious desserts. Live music throughout the night and the most delicious cocktails.

In the specialty restaurants in GR Solaris there was also a special menu and many surprises during the night.

The love also came to Los Cabos

san valentin los cabos solaris febrero

On February 14th in Los Cabos, the first ones to receive this day were Cupid and the hearts, who in the company of Pancho Solaris visited the Members and Guests who had breakfast at Café Solaris, where we were able to take photos with them, while we enjoyed the delicious food, and then they went out to share the love that this date brings with it to the other areas of the resort.

Later, we had weddings for all the people in love, where they made their vows, as well as those who wanted to confirm them or simply wanted to dress in a suit and a wedding dress to have fun on this day.

san valentin los cabos

When the afternoon arrived, all the couples approached to celebrate this day once again, where we all took pictures with the decorative frame that the animation team made for this day, we also enjoyed the special drink of the day that was being served in the pool and beach bar.

We all cherish this day, where we celebrate Love and Friendship. Even the little ones who made decorations with chocolates and sugar gummies, in the company of their parents who helped them make the craft.

As if it were not enough, at night, the Animation team surprised us at the Tehuacán Theater, bringing with them a Special Show for Valentine’s Day, a love musical!

With beautiful music, many dances, acrobatics, lights and impressive costumes, this is undoubtedly a show that we will all remember. That is why this show is scheduled to be presented again on another date, for those who missed it.

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