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Activities during the Day in Los Cabos

"I already went on vacation to a paradise with a warm sun, daisy in hand and some sunglasses, it's time to have fun in the pool without stress! But how?"

If you identified with the phrase, keep reading since we have just what you are looking for.

One of the most visited destinations of Solaris Hotels is in Los Cabos, where Adults, Youth, and Children can have fun and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

And what better way to enjoy a day at the pool than with your loved ones, who in the company of the Animation and Sports team, can have a great time with the many activities they have prepared either in the pool or on the beach.

You may be wondering, do you have activities in the pool for me? The answer is, we have events for everyone!

Now we will tell you what and what you can expect to have fun in this magnificent hotel of Los Cabos.

Aquaerobics en el Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos


What better way to start the day than with a refreshing and fun activity where everyone can join.

The Aqua Aerobics in the pool is directed by the members of the animation and sports team, who with the most moving music and the best steps help you stretch and exercise.

You can join this activity with your friends, family and even the little ones because when doing it in the pool, all those who are close can participate in the fun. Because apparently, the more, the better!

Waterpolo en el Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos


An activity that we all know and many like to do under the sun on the beach is football.

But, how to do it in the pool? Waterpolo!

There is nothing better than a healthy competition between friends, where teams of 4 and up to 6 people compete to score in the other's goal, with water-based paint to give it a more competitive tone. This activity will definitely love you!

And just like Waterpolo you can also play different games on the pool such as ¡Pool Volleyball!

La Miss Solaris de los Cabos

Miss Solaris

A contest to know which guest can be crowned as the Miss Solaris of the Week, the participants of this contest are of different nationalities and ages, the objective is to reward the personality and skill of the contestants through various activities, which are changed randomly. Our jury 'of course the wonderful audience that accompanies us.

El concurso del Más Macho en el Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos

‘El Más Macho’

If you thought there would not be a Mr. Solaris, you are very wrong, but if we decided to change the name to one that is more according to the occasion.

In this activity, the participants will undergo resistance tests, intensive swimming, and even a dance contest

After that they will have to win the heart of the most critical jury: all the partners and guests, they will finally be able to vote for their favorite, and we will have our next winner: The Most Male!

La Actividad de Bingo en el Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos


An activity that the whole family can do, whether in the pool bar, in the snack bar or on the edge of the pool, you can also participate.

You will be given a board with which, according to the numbers that are being announced, you will be able to fill your letter so that we can say BINGO!

Los Sombreros Locos en Los Cabos

Crazy Hats

And of course, we had to have an activity with hats, and that can be better where the contestants have to go around and pass a Mexican hat to the music.

An activity that your family and friends can do, the only thing we ask you is if you are going to participate do not take too much before joining the activity, this because your world will turn a lot while doing this activity. This we say for obvious reasons.

Concurso de Donas en el destino de Los Cabos

Donuts Contest

A delicious activity that is done with the help of the Kids Club team, with donuts, music and lots of fun.

Usually, this activity is for the little ones, but adults can also participate. With a funny twist, it is not a contest of those who eat more donuts very fast, but it is the one who can eat a donut, without using their hands.

And to make it more difficult, the donut is not on a plate but will be hanging by a thread

Did we mention that they're chocolate donuts?

Atrapando Fichas en el Hotel de Solaris en Los Cabos

Catching Chips

An exclusive for the youngest of the family, what you need for this activity is a pair of visors for water, proper breathing, and good luck!

Dozens of chips are thrown into the pool and also in an area that isn't so deep so that younger children and not so small can participate without fighting over the same chips. In this game, the child who has obtained the most significant number of disks will win.

Un Minuto para Ganar un concurso en Los Cabos

One minute to win

Based on the show of competitions with the same name, this activity full of excitement and fun can be done by the whole family, with fast and exciting games.

The games are random and can change from one day to the next, but we certainly assure you that you can have fun and even win one of the prizes if you succeed in this contest.

Concurso de Panzasos en el Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos

Belly Flop

We have an excellent and refreshing pool, and we should take advantage of it, that's why we decided to make a Contest of Belly Flops!

Only the bravest dare to enter this contest where they will have to show their talent, grace, and courage when jumping and give their best belly flop.

If you think you can win, we invite you to participate during your next visit, and we recommend that you secure your shorts to avoid uncomfortable moments.

Actividad de Adivinar la Pelicula en el Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos

Guess the Movie

Have you ever wondered if watching all the princess movies with your daughter or the animated films of your son would be useful? The answer is here!

A contest where everyone can participate, along with the Animation and Sports team, you can join and guess which movie the song they play belongs to.

You will win chips while you answer so we can know who is going to win, and of course, the most difficult ones will have a more significant amount of chips, and the winner will be the one who has got more chips.

Adivinando La Cancion en el Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos

Music Trivia

Similar to the Movie Trivia, this time we will test your skills to recognize the best-known, not-so-known songs and music of yesteryear

In the same way, whoever wins this contest will be chosen by the one who has obtained the most chips.

Bailando Zumba en el Hotel Solaris de Los Cabos


There is nothing better to wake up the body than with a morning Zumba classes, with good music, good company as well as the best dance steps.

Every morning at the Los Cabos Gym, you can count on the help of the instructors of the Animation and Sports team who will help you with routines to move the skeleton and wake up completely.

Here the prize we have for you is your body thanking you for taking care of you and feeling energized and motivated at the end of this fun activity

Jugando Voleibol en la Playa de Los Cabos

Volleyball de Playa

One of the activities that everyone likes to do is the traditional game of Volleyball, and what better than a set of Beach Volleyball.

On the seashore, right in front of the hotel, it may be during the sun shining to feel the heat while having fun, or at the end of the day to have fun with your friends before going to see a beautiful sunset.

Without a doubt, it is something that you can lose yourself.

These are different activities that we have for you in the best place for your next vacations at Royal Solaris Los Cabos.

We'll be waiting for you!

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