Tips to be fitness on holidays

As people go on vacations, to get out of the routine, and the work stress or just to have fun, it's very easy to get lost out of their workout schedule also, especially when coming to an All-inclusive like GR Solaris Cancun, where it's very easy to eat and drink in abundance.

We have several options that won't take too much time of your vacations and/or family time a day, so you can keep in shape, and don't gain an extra pound or two.

Aparatos para hacer ejercicio en los Hoteles Solaris de Cancún

Solaris Gym

Yes as most hotels, we have a gym inside the facilities, where you can work out the essential muscles in your body, with multifunctional machines,, dumbbells and treadmills, to exercise in the comfort of an AC space, an open from 6 am to 8 pm each day. So there's no excuse to drop by and get conditioning for the day.

Even if you're used to having a personal trainer telling you what to do back home, we got you covered, we also have an Instructor, who can help you out warming up, or telling you which muscles to exercise each day.

Are you not into weights?

Well, we also have Cardio Activities, like Zumba, Aqua Aerobics, and Yoga on the beach, each day with a different activity, lead by our entertainment team by the pool, but not without first stretching, the most essential part of the exercise.

We also have sports activities daily, like Beach volleyball, Soccer on the beach, volleyball inside the pool, and a basketball court in our hotel, that you can gather with other guest and use, without any extra charge. Just go with our entertainment staff so they can hand you the props.

You're into Cardio?

Then as you may know, you're in paradise to do this activity, with many forms of doing Cardio and burning calories all day long, let's start off by hitting the Treadmill inside our gym, we have 2 machines, with different programs that combine speed and elevation, and comfortably inside the hotel, with easy to use installations, water, and clean towels at your disposal always.

Usando la Caminadora en los Gimnasios de los Hoteles Solaris de Cancún


During vacations, you might already walk a lot, between your visits to the beach, and back and forth to room, lobby or restaurants. And it's a great way to keep your health in check, but you can also walk to nearby places to get to know the culture, GR Solaris Cancun has several areas a few miles out, for example, the Lookout at Playa Delfines, less than a mile away, the Mayan Museum, only a mile out or, two shopping malls just 5 miles away.

You could also walk at sunset on the beach, and enjoy a moment with your loved ones, the sun is almost down, and you can feel the cool breeze of the sea. No need for sports clothing here, and afterward you can get back in time to the resort for your dinner reservations.


One way to get to know the place that you're visiting it's by jogging, you can explore places nearby, and meet other joggers like yourself, at your own pace, with some of your favorites tracks on your headphones.

Jogging early morning in the beach, is a popular activity on the Cancun area, a hard exercise I might say, as the sand is a dense turf to do it on, that why some professional athletes do their preseason workouts in Cancun, you can see entire soccer teams during off-season training here.


Cancun is known for hosting several running events through the year, check local listings for the competitions, and join one of them, but they also host Triathlons and the iron man competition so you can use the sea for swimming, the beach for jogging, and the road to do the bicycle training.

Two of the most popular places to go run, are Km 0 ( mile marker zero ) at the beginning of the Kukulcan Avenue, where there is turf in place to do the daily exercise, you can find runners all day long, but the crowded times are in the afternoon. The Malecon Tajamar, only 2 miles further, near Plaza las Americas, it's a boardwalk, that is barely transited by cars, with some mangroves nearby.

Jugando Voleibol en la Playa de Cancún

Cardio tips

Stay hydrated - drink half a bottle of water before doing any exercise, and then every 20 minutes a zip, also during the morning you can drink natural orange juice or Green juice, at any of our restaurants.

Run, at dawn or sunset, when the sun hasn't hit that hard if running at night do it on the main Kukulcan Avenue, as it's well illuminated.

Wear proper clothes and shoes, fresh and light ones, that can help you transpire correctly, and can absorb the sweat.

We will not get tired of telling you to protect your skin, use sunblock SPF 50 and preferably water resistant, and reapply it every 40 min, while you're doing exercise.

A heat stroke can be very dangerous, apart from drinking water, lower your body temperature, by splashing some liquids in your head and neck.

Use additional protection, like sunglasses, hats or caps. A long sleeve shirt is recommended, but not necessary.

Take your time, prepare yourself, with proper clothing, and shoes, do it early and have a good juice booster.

Use social media as a platform, to get to know new routes, new places where to jog, more tips and runners clubs.

There you have it, being on vacations, doesn't mean you can't keep up with an exercise routine, maybe not as strict as the one back home, but with enough activity, to keep you in shape.

And GR Solaris, has the things to help you out to follow through, is up to you to take advantage of them, hope to see you soon, and in one of the races that happen here in the city, I only do 3 mile ones that are fun like the Color,, water or neon race.