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What is celebrated on May 5th in Mexico?

Cinco de Mayo is known internationally as celebration date in Mexico, although it is not as celebrated as everyone believes, this day is known for a significant event, the Battle of Puebla.

This date is celebrated not only in Mexico, but one of the best-known places to celebrate this date is the nearest neighbor, the United States.

If you would like to know: Why is this day celebrated? How is it celebrated in Mexico? o Why does the United States celebrate it? Then, keep reading!

What happened on May 5th, 1862?

5 de Mayo La Batalla de Puebla

At the time of the Battle of Puebla, the United States was a strong ally of Mexico, which was a growing country.

During the time of the War of Reform in Mexico, the country began to obtain commercial relations under the new government of the republic with the neighboring countries, among them the United States, who helped with trade so that Mexico could establish itself as a sovereign.

Meanwhile, the French, who had been asked for a loan, as well as other European countries, decided to make a military presence in Mexico, under the command of Napoléon III, to settle the accounts, since Mexico refused to pay its external debt.

Although what the French were looking for was not to settle the debt, but to carry out a campaign of conquest against Mexico, to obtain new lands and to impress the French people.

On May 5th at 11:15 in the morning the Battle of Puebla began, were various Mexican generals and commanders repelled the attacks of the more than 10,000 soldiers of the French and European forces, among the most well-known Mexican military in this battle are:

Colonel Juan Nepomuceno Méndez, who confronted the French invaders in directing the front lines of the battle.

General Ignacio Zaragoza, who led the troops and led the reinforcement forces during the confrontation.

The battle of Puebla lasted more than 6 hours, with a triumph of the Mexicans over the French troops.

How is it celebrated in Mexico?

In Mexico this day is a date of celebration, where the triumph against the invading forces is remembered, it is celebrated with parades in the states of the center of Mexico, where children and adults dress in typical Mexican clothes in the 1860s.

Parties are held in the states near Puebla, and in the center of the Mexican Republic, in the schools of Mexico, there are kermesses with piñatas for children, music and traditional Mexican food, where everyone comes together to celebrate.

And even, in other states parties are held to remember the Mexican heroes who fell in battle, where families gather and pay tribute to those who gave their lives to protect the country.

Why the United States Celebrates it?

Cabalgata Mexicana en Estados Unidos el 5 de Mayo

On May 5th in the United States, the "Latino Heritage Day" was celebrated, where all people of Hispanic descent are celebrated, and the Latino culture is celebrated.

To Mexico being the closest Latin American neighbor to the United States, and seeing that the Battle of Puebla was celebrated in the country, little by little the celebration was adopted by the Americans, and now it has become a date that not only Mexico celebrates.

The truth is that most Mexicans do not mind that other countries celebrate their dates since the most important thing is to enjoy a good time with your family and your loved ones.

Just remember that on May 5th the Independence of Mexico is not celebrated, if not the Battle of Puebla.

So if you want to celebrate Latin May Day or La Batalla de Puebla, this May 5th, you can do it, just make sure you shout ¡VIVA México!

If you want to know more about Mexican festivities, international holidays, recommendations for your vacations or even things to do in the best destinations in Mexico, be sure to see our other blogs.

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