Royal Solaris Cancun is fully operational

Hello once again, Today we want to let you know what to expect when traveling to Royal Solaris Cancun on your next vacations, Yes you might have already seen our intro video a few days back at our social media outlets, if not here it is.

Even tho the Covid-19 cases have been decreasing, and Cancun is right now in yellow Stoplight ( been Green - cleared free of infection ) we Can't and will not let our guards down, that’s why we will keep asking for you as a visitor to follow the safety procedures required by WHO, as you will enter the Resort tru an ozone sanitizing booth, and shoe mats, our Antibacterial Gel totems are all over the building, so there is no excuse to keep cleaning your hands, the staff will wear their Facemask, protective shields or goggles at all time so you can be confident that by taking care of Us we take care of you.

So with that out off the way, let's continue with the important part of this blog.

The Food

All restaurants at Club Solaris Cancun are open; at the entrance of each, you will find our practical antibacterial totems, the capacity at each restaurant is limited, and the dinning tables will be at least 5 feet apart from each other to ensure social distancing, our waiters wear facemasks, protective shields and/or safety glasses, and gloves as they attend you.

Snack bar

Right in the heart of the pool area, Is still buffet type, with the difference that now is Served-assisted, meaning there is a glass in front, and you can choose what meals the chiefs will serve you items to eat, and the Chef will serve you on a clean and sanitized plate, to avoid contact from everyone on the toggles. Be aware of the floor markers to keep the distance in line. You can still enjoy the chicken wings, hamburgers and Ribs you love as an appetizer.

Cafe Las Fuentes

The main and only restaurant inside the building, it has a variety of menus for breakfast lunch and dinners (check out the daily theme days), it will still be buffet type, with assisted chefs serving you whatever you want to try, make sure to follow the rules and distance markers on the floor..


With its beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea, the oceanfront restaurant is open for lunch every day of the week, open for dinner amid weather conditions. The menu changes during the week with fresh salads, seafood and grill, and even some local delicacies you can order with the mobile printed menus.

Marco Polo

Our Ala Carte four-course dinner restaurant, will be open every other night. With special menus that change daily; Seating is limited per hour as social distancing must be enforced, the menu varies from chef signature dishes up to seafood.

Room Service

There is 24/7 room service, for all the people who missed breakfast for sleeping in, or lunch/dinner, for being outside the resort, menu options are located on the top drawer inside your room.


Open with your favorite oven made on the go pizzas, like Pepperoni, hawaian, margaritha and any combination you can think off, with the ingredients at hand.

Sushi bar

The all-time favorite freshly made rolls are back, and with new flavour combinations, enjoy them either with seafood, or with fruits.

TIP: We do everything possible to always keep you happy, and once or twice a week, we have grills on the side of the pool, offering Tacos, Ceviche, BBQ, Fresh cold Coconuts (with or without alcohol), Pineapples or even icecream for the kids.

The Drinks

Our amazing swim-up bar is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm, you can either go there on the dry side, or swim up to it by the pool, all time favorite cocktails and beers are served Ice cold, to mitigate the stunning sun and its heatwave.All disinfecting procedures are followed troughly.

Lobby Bar

Daily from 1 pm to 1 am, this Area was extended on the hotel renovation, so next time you come, you will see it for yourself, with tables following the social distance parameters, and a friendly staff that will never let your cup go empty. Each seating table has the printed QR code to scan and order from there.

Rosmarinus Bar

Inside our restaurant we have a small bar area, for you (or your waiter) to order your favorite drinks, while you enjoy the view of the caribbean sea. Open only during Restaurant hours.

Marco Polo Bar

A New addition within the remodeling of Our Ala carte restaurant, is the Bar inside it, your bartender will fix you up with a drink just in a few seconds.

The Fun

You can bet the Sports and entertainment staff will always have something in store for you, with a full activity chart from Aquarobics to zumba, pool volleyball, the game of the day, beer pong, music trivia and much more.

For little ones

Kids club and waterpark are open, always following strict safety and health measures with everyone entering the clean zone, the girls over there are always doing handicraft ships with the kids, and even face painting them. Lots of activities to do between 10 am to 5 pm daily.

Night shows

There are four different shows during the Weeknights at the Tehuacan theater : Mexican shows as always with charros and colorful dancers on Mondays; wednesdays are for the Caribbean nights, with tropical beats and rhythms; Love city can be watched on fridays, a love affair between two rival families Romeo and Juliet style ; and finally but not the least important is our NEW show Air, a post apocalyptic spectacle thats shows us how we have to fight for the right for Air to breathe. The theater has limited capacity due to seats being apart in pairs 5 feet from each, doors open at 8:00 and the show starts 30 minutes later.

But that's not all, we have Karaoke night on sundays, and Tuesdays and Thursdays we have Live music on the lobby bar, also each couple of weeks there is poker night open for everyone to join.

Other facilities


Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, all the equipment is sanitized after each use, and a limited number of guests are allowed at each hour.


This is the place that has more protocols enforced, as the space is very limited, and therapists are very careful in cleaning and disinfection protocols, the palapa SPA is also open, so go ahead and set up an appointment dialing from your room phone.

Pools and open front jacuzzis

Everything is open for your use, the main pool, the kids club, the activities pool, the Shaded pool, and both Jacuzzis, there is no excuse to get into the water.

Sol Ha travel agency

They not just arrange the arrival and departure shuttle, they can also help you schedule extra activities for the whole family with great prices.

Tobacco shop

All the souvenirs you might want to take back home, in one place, also if you have the cravings for some american made snacks, this is the place to buy them at.

Jewelry stores

Want to impress your girlfriend, wife or significant other? take a look at the fantastic pieces of bling they have here, hey! Who knows, maybe you get engaged in Cancun!

The beach is open

And ohh boy, what a wonderful beach we have, clean and smooth white sand beach, and I can't even describe the Turquoise sea, in front of the Solaris hotels, has so many different shades of blues during the Day, you could spend the whole day there.

The baby park

Is just in between both hotels, and it's an open air space that is available to take the kids 24/ 7, and it’s also cleaned and sanitized every hour, so if the little ones still have energy, take them there.

Yes, we know, that after reading this, you will go ahead and start booking your next trip. Who wouldn't, Come and visit your home away from home and expect to make new friends along the way. Cant wait to see you soon.