Protect Yourself and Enjoy your Vacation

Although our vacations make us feel very excited; Currently, some situations invite us to be aware of our travel process. A scam is a deceptive scheme or trick used to cheat users exposed to when making an online purchase.

How does it happen?

Some of our guests told us that some users claim to belong to Club Solaris, legal firms, or some government offices such as the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit or the Ministry of Tax Attention. They usually call or send emails to our guests to request their information about their memberships, reservation, or personal data for illegal purposes. In our past blogs, you can find a list of some fraudulent companiesthat we have verified before so that if any of these contacts you, you can report our email.

Part of the discourse is that there are problems with the government; the guest owes money or is interested in buying or renting the memberships. Commonly, the email or call subject could be like there is a problem with one of your accounts, and some information needs to be verified.

How to prevent?

Above all, it is important not to panic and recognize the essential aspects:

Check the correct domains from which the emails come: @; @ If you receive an email that does not have these domains, it may be an option to doubt.


If it is a phone call, and you don't know the number, we recommend you don't pick the phone. Still, if you do, there is no problem, be attentive to the conversation and listen carefully to what is said or requested.

Have the full confidence to ask any situation to confirm your suspicions when being a fraudulent call. As an extra tip, you can give another first and last name if it makes you feel more secure.

Finally, you can corroborate what happened with us by sending us an email explaining the situation: [email protected].

Remember never to give your financial information or agree to pay for an extra service.

All the prices that we provide you at the time of hiring your membership already have all taxes. We will not charge you an extra income unless necessary. Still, we will let you know in advance.

We have to tell you that we do not offer discounts for early payments. However, if you want to know more about it, you can write us [email protected] to ask us directly what options we have when hiring your membership.

Likewise, it is essential to know that any Ministry of the Interior will not request any payment for your tourist visit. Everything you need to know about travel requirements can find on our Secretariat of Tourism website:

If you make your reservations through intermediaries, it is worth using caution and caution when accessing an unknown website and reading any term or condition indicated to us.

You can download an application that frees your Internet browser from advertising or some spam.

If it makes you feel confident, you can close your sessions on social media. Even there is no considerable problem, some apps could have security gaps or collect data. As an extra tip, you can clean your networks of additional applications that you do not use in the panel Facebook Settings and the Applications and websites tab. It is also important to enter security and login, where we can also see from which points our data has ever been logged in.

Finally, a quick scan with an antivirus can determine if the "scam" has turned into something more serious. There are even some that offer you bank protections to protect your data.

Don't let anything stop your travel plans; however, do not allow the trip's emotion to cloud your eyes in any situation completely. Remember that the most important thing is the safety of you and yours.