Romantic getaway on Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a perfect plan to enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day? On this occasion, we bring you some of our best suggestions so that you can make the most of that romantic getaway to the beach and return more in love than ever, after living unforgettable experiences. Keep reading, because you will know how to fall in love again during your holidays.

Plan your getaway

Knowing where to celebrate valentines day is not so complicated, Mexico is full of tourist destinations and two of them, Los Cabos and Cancun have everything you need: beautiful beaches, summer weather, restaurants, activities and all-inclusive resorts to getaway on a budget without losing the romance, and once you arrive at your tourist destination, it's time to start the romance again.

focus on you

A brief break to enjoy yourselves. Give yourself a day to enjoy what most attracts you from the tourist destination, but individually. Giving yourself a “day off” in the middle of your vacation will help you relax and connect more for the rest of your vacation, as you will share a great talk about your day and then you can share the experience together.

Pamper your partner with details

Pampering your partner will make her feel more loved than usual. It seems obvious, but sometimes we put aside the details because of the daily stress and we take it for granted that our partner knows we love them and that they love us.

Take the time to look into each other's eyes, hug each other, say what you feel, or simply give her a flower. It doesn't have to be a romantic candlelight dinner with a 5-course menu; The more spontaneous the better, so we surprise our partner and ourselves with how easy it is to make a loved one smile.

It's time to share

With love already in the air, why not keep relaxing and sharing? Take a day only for relaxation, go for a walk and get to know the place without a plan and without a hurry, arriving at the hotel you can complete your day with a SPA for your couple: massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. After that, all that remains is to order a bottle of wine and food to the room to forget about the world.

Plan a surprise.

Have the purpose of giving a surprise each other, set a specific day for each of the surprises (so that they do not overlap), and give yourself an unusual experience, it could be a tour that you really wanted to do, a romantic picnic on the beach, a bungee jump, anything goes! The important thing is to create an experience that makes them remember this vacation as unique.

When was your last romantic date?

¿How long has it been since you spent time together? This getaway to the beach is the perfect excuse to meet again and fall in love again. Dedicate a day of your escape to make a romantic date like the first time. You can take a walk on the beach at sunset holding hands, sit on the sand and hug each other as you watch the sun dip on the horizon. You can share an ice cream or surprise each other with a kiss. Going back to these details is something that fills us with joy and rekindles the spark of love that existed from the beginning.

Joint activities

To connect even more with our partner, we must do unusual activities together. Go to your hotel's tours and activities agency to see all the activities in the catalog and select at least three: An activity that appeals to you, one that your partner likes, and one that both of you want. Doing an activity that your partner loves and vice versa will allow you to meet in a different and fun facet.

Above all, enjoy the moment

It is the most obvious advice, and the most important, enjoy everything, even the moments of leisure between each activity of your vacation. We know it is not the first nor the only romantic getaway that you will have, but remember to live it as if it were, do not focus too much on perfection, and if something does not turn out as expected, take the moment as an experience that will become an anecdote, and don't let a detail ruin the whole romance of the getaway, remember that the most important thing is that you are living the experience together.