Smoke-Free Vacations in Mexico

Have you ever thought about spending your holidays away from tobacco smoke? On this occasion, we will tell you everything you need to know about the new official regulations regarding tobacco in Mexico and how they will change your vacations and help you make the most of your holidays.Get ready to enjoy your smoke-free vacation!

The change to the law

On December 16, 2022, the Mexican federal government made some modifications to the regulations of the general law for tobacco control which are mandatory and applicable throughout the Mexican Republic as of January 16, 2023.

The new regulation only allows smoking in outdoor spaces, and prohibits smoking where food, drinks, or social and leisure activities take place, the area should be 10 meters away from the smoke-free spaces and completely isolated with no passage or access to other places. This includes any hotel or establishment. There are more specific aspects that we will not address in this blog, but let's get to the important thing:

What changes in the Solaris Hotels with this modification to the law?

The interiors of the hotels:

Previously, the Solaris Resorts and Club Solaris had floors and rooms for smokers, but as of the entry into force of this law, it is prohibited to smoke or have any tobacco product lit in all floors and rooms.

Common areas:

The common areas are also free of tobacco: lobby, motor lobby, pool bar, around the pool, premier bar, and restaurants.

So, where can I smoke?

As we know that some of our guests like tobacco, we have given ourselves looking for spaces that comply with the regulations so that they can smoke:

GR Solaris Cancun
We have set up a special area for smokers on the main terrace of the GR Solaris Cancun Resort.

New smoke area in gr solaris cancun smokers area in gr solaris

Royal Solaris Los Cabos
The smokers area is next the the flags at the main entrance of the resort.

new smoke area in royal solaris los cabos smokers area in solaris los cabos

Royal Solaris Cancun
Will be located at the "snake head" in the hallway of the palapa SPA.

GR Caribe
We are still studying the areas to define a suitable place, by the meantime will be an area near the mini golf course.

Note: Keep in mind this areas could be or not, the final area locations for our smoker guests, we will keep this blog updated with the latest changes, which we will also make public on our social networks.

Quit smoking on vacation

This regulation discourages the use of cigarettes and aims to improve the health of active and passive smokers, so why not try it?

When we vacation, we are completely out of our routine, and we can take advantage of this momentary change to feel better and have a higher quality of life. It may not be a radical change, but we can take advantage of vacations as a boost to achieve what we never thought we could do.

Seize the day!

Now that many places restrict smoking comfortably, will you go from the pool to where you have to go just to smoke? Every single time? You will lose half of your vacation by walking back and forth! It's better to take advantage of that time doing something that benefits you, such as

  • Spend more time talking to your partner.
  • Play on the beach with your children.
  • Read one more chapter of that interesting book you're reading.
  • Take part in the activities of our entertainment team.
  • Fill your day with tours and recreational activities.

The goal is to keep your mind and body busy so you don't think about smoking.

Get Prepared

When you quit smoking, you may feel a little anxious, but it's easy to control: keep your stomach and jaw busy, as well as your mind: stay hydrated, eat red meat, or chew gum to help keep your mouth busy. You can bring vitamin b3 and glucosamine with you, which will help you control anxiety, you can combine it with nicotine patches or gum, and consult your doctor.

Feel the difference

The first days of your vacation may be difficult, but on the third day you will notice the difference, you will sleep better, you will get less tired on the excursions you go on, your sense of smell and your taste will recover, so You will enjoy more of your food and drinks.

In addition to this, the fact that you are at sea level means that the sea breeze will help clean your nostrils, making this process faster. Take it seriously. A delicious vacation by the sea from now on is the perfect excuse to start a healthier life and enjoy your life, your family, and your vacations more, book them today!