Baby Turtles Hatch and Release in Cabo.

Imagine this: You're relaxing on the beautiful Los Cabos beach, watching the sunset paint the sky. Suddenly, something amazing happens! Hundreds of tiny sea turtles crawl out of their nests and head towards the ocean. It's a sight you won't forget!

Los Cabos Mexico is a special place for sea turtles, especially the olive ridley turtle. These incredible animals travel long distances every year to lay their eggs on the same beaches where they hatched. At Royal Solaris Los Cabos, we take protecting these gentle giants very seriously. That's why we participate in important conservation programs for sea turtle nesting.

Here's why seeing baby turtles hatch in Los Cabos is a must-do:

Be part of history! This year, thanks to conservation efforts, a record number of baby turtles may hatch over 5,000! You could be there to see the next wave!

Help protect these amazing creatures. Los Cabos is a leader in sea turtle conservation. By staying at a family friendly resort that cares about turtles, you're directly helping them survive.

Create unforgettable memories with your family. Watching baby turtles hatch is a magical experience that people of all ages will love.

Turtle season in Los Cabos runs from May to November, with most nesting happening in June and August. Since these are nighttime events (usually after 11 pm), be prepared to be patient and quiet. Remember, these are wild animals! Here's how to watch respectfully:

  • Keep your distance.
  • No flashlights or loud noises.
  • Let the trained professionals handle the turtles.

Fun Facts About Sea Turtles:

  • Built-in GPS! Believe it or not, turtles use the Earth's magnetism to navigate the oceans like a compass.
  • Travelers of the deep! These ocean adventurers can swim thousands of kilometers in their lifetime.
  • Egg-cellent moms! A single female turtle can lay hundreds of eggs in one season.
  • Patience is a virtue! It can take baby turtles up to 4 days to break out of their shells.
  • Los Cabos is a Party Spot...for Turtles! because an incredible seven out of the eight sea turtle species call its shores home. That means you have a good chance of seeing Loggerheads, Leatherbacks, Hawksbill, Green, and Olive Ridley turtles nesting there!
  • Baby sea turtles (called hatchlings) don't have sex chromosomes! The temperature of the sand in the nest actually determines whether they become male or female. Warmer nests tend to produce more females, while cooler nests produce more males.

Threats to Sea Turtles

Sadly, these gentle giants face many dangers, like pollution, habitat loss, and getting caught in fishing gear. Conservation efforts directly address these threats.

How Resorts Participate: Curious how resorts like Royal Solaris Los Cabos contribute? We teach our staff to find nests, make safe areas on the beach, and move nests if needed (away from danger!).

Volunteer Opportunities: Want to get even more involved? Some resorts in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas offer volunteer opportunities during turtle season. Imagine helping guide hatchlings safely to the ocean!

Experience the Miracle of Turtle Hatchlings at Royal Solaris Los Cabos!

Watch as hundreds of small hatchlings come out of their eggs and start their journey to the big ocean. At Royal Solaris Los Cabos, we are committed to protecting turtles. We want to ensure that future generations can enjoy turtle season.

Stay at Royal Solaris Los Cabos now and enjoy turtle season magic during your Los Cabos all inclusive vacation. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this unforgettable experience with you.