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The Minicamp at Royal GR Solaris

Family vacations create very beautiful memories, those days you spent playing under the sun and exploring unknown places are surely kept in your memory

In Royal GR Solaris, the little ones will have many fun activities to spend the holidays, so much that when it’s time to leave they will be counting the days to come back.

Kids Camping with Club Solaris

The best thing is that you will be in the comfort of your home away from home and you could be relax while they have fun.

The minicamp is definitely one of the activities that they will enjoy the most, being able to spend time with other children and to learn while playing.

Mini Camp at the Beach with Club Solaris

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the fun begins at 5 o'clock in the afternoon at the Miniclub, the staff will welcome them with a gift, a special minicamp T-shirt that they could take home as souvenir, then they will test their skills on the 4 meter high climbing wall, after climbing they will go to the beach to play cachibol, colitas, burned, fishing fishing and many more games.

Artificial Fireplace at the Beach with Club Solaris

Once the games are over, they will enjoy a delicious dinner especially prepared for them with all their favorite food, and for dessert... roasted marshmallows!
Since it wouldn’t be a Camp without roasted marshmallows.

The Camp would be finished around 8 in the evening and you could go look for your little one at the beach.

Mini Camp Prizes with Club Solaris

Now, the only thing you need is to sign up your child for the next minicamp and enjoy!

(13-17 yo)
(5-12 yo)
(0-4 yo)