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Taking Care of Nature in Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Taking care of the environment should be a daily practice not only at home but when you go on vacations too, the responsibility becomes greater, especially if you will be in contact with nature all the time.

Los Cabos is a destination of admirable natural beauty and at Royal Solaris Los Cabos we are very interested in keeping it that way.

Therefore, we developed a plan to protect the environment in daily routines and we ask you to help us during your stay in home.

Drinks without straw

Club Solaris Cabos caring at the bars no straws"/>

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), published in November 2017 that every year about 20 million tons of plastics from the beaches gets to the ocean.

The straws are not always necessary and it is better to avoid using them because they are pieces of plastic that fulfill a brief objective and then become trash that could last up to 500 years on the planet.

The beach is the least recommended place to use plastic straws, as some animals can be directly affected by this type of pollution.

Royal Solaris Los Cabos helps the environment by not serving drinks with straws unless is required by our guests and members.

Beach cleaning

Club Solaris Cabos Cleaning the Beach

Keeping beaches clean is very important to protect the endemic fauna of the place and avoid these polluting residues from reaching the ocean. That is why we have daily brigades to clean the beautiful beaches, so you and your family can enjoy a fun day under the sun.

Care for turtles

Club Solaris Cabos protecting the turtles

Mexico is considered by many people as the Sea Turtles country. The diversity of coastal environments and the richness of our coasts offers ideal conditions for feeding, rest and reproduction, out of the eight species that currently exist in the world, we have the privilege of seven breeding on our coasts.

Therefore, we have an enormous responsibility to take care of them and make sure they reach the sea.

We care and protect the environment

Club Solaris Cabos Beach Cleaning Squads

At Royal Solaris Los Cabos we keep safe the nests and once they are born we make sure they reach the sea without any problem.

Activities at the Mini Club

Club Solaris Cabos Kids club recycling activities

An important part of the measures that we have implemented in the resort is the awareness to children for the care of the environment, doing activities that encourage the use of recycled material, teaching them the respect for the flora and fauna of the place, children just love it!

Definitely your help is very important for us

We invite you to collaborate with these measures to take care of our planet when you are on vacations as you do at home.

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