Vacations are the best time to create deeper bonds

According to a study conducted by the American Association of Psychologists, it is necessary for personal health to take at least one vacation a year, and this makes much sense since we all need a few days off to disconnect from the everyday routine, and enjoy some time away from home, and the best way to do it is with your loved ones.

Family vacations in addition to being very fun, help you generate stronger bonds, to get to know each other better, create the best memories and more. In this article, we will tell you step by step all the benefits that family vacations will bring to your life.

Reduce stress

In general holidays are the best de-stressing of all, those days when you do not have to worry about anything, there is no rush and all the time is free time. Imagine if you enjoy it, how the little ones are going to enjoy it, free from school and homework with all the time in the world to play, laugh and enjoy the sun. Family vacations benefit each one of the members and help them to be calmer and return home with more energy. In the Solaris Resorts of Cancun, you will find many activities to enjoy these days like volleyball matches, yoga classes, movies, a mini club with multiple games, night shows, an SPA and of course several tours to explore the beautiful Mayan Riviera.

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Family bonding

In everyday life, coexistence is very different from the one during the holidays. While you are away from home enjoying fun activities, outdoor meals, a dip in the pool or discovering a new place you create strong and beautiful family ties. It is the ideal time to talk with your family and get to know each other a little bit more and to enjoy each other, integrating from a different role played back home. For the children, the relationship they have with their family during their development is significant and the holidays give them space and time to create an emotional and fun relationship with their parents. Of course, this does not mean that all the holiday should be spent together every minute, surely children will want to escape to the Mini Club or the pool on their own, and this will also give you the chance to enjoy time with your sweetheart or just rest in a bed while they play in a safe environment.

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Contact with nature

Nowadays kids play in a very different way than children did 10 or 20 years ago, today they love technology, and it is common for their games to be played on a tablet or cell phone,Vacations are the perfect time to discover new places and have contact with the nature of the site, whether they make castles in the sand or swim in a Cenote, learn new ways to play and connect with nature while having fun. Also, at the resort they can meet children from other places and play with them, maybe, later on, they will become friends and meet again at their next visit.

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On the other hand, traveling is a great way to learn as you experience the culture of the place firsthand, starting with the language or specific words they use in the area you visit, their history, for example, in the Mayan Riviera you could visit the archaeological site of Tulum and learn a lot about the Mayan culture from the place where they lived to the traditions and ways of relating to each other. They will also learn about geography, and they will have a much clearer idea of the map of the place where they vacation, which cities are nearby and what type of vegetation or climate the area has. We recommend you to promote learning to your kids during vacations, highlight information about the place and ask questions to the little ones. You could even create a knowledge game while you enjoy the road.

Tulum Riviera Maya


Of course, fun in the number one reason why we decide to go on vacation. From planning to returning home, a trip will give the whole family many moments of fun. You can have fun with the little ones from the beginning, enthuse them for the place they will visit and even ask for their help to research fun activities to do in the place you are going, look for pictures and videos on the internet that will thrill them, even while packing up, it can be a great family time with the excitement of the next visit to paradise. Once in the destination, everything is fun, whether you spend the days on tours discovering the Mayan jungle or playing in the pool, adults and children will enjoy their days in the Mexican Caribbean.

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Create the best memories

The best memories of childhood are family vacations, we all happily remember those times of fun under the sun and family gatherings, games in the pool and swimming in the sea. All the work and planning will be worthwhile to create the most beautiful memories of you and all your family. Long walks on the beach, laughs, games and other moments that you can relive once you're back home. We recommend you to take many pictures and videos to make these memories more tangible and that the little ones can see these images in a few years and relive the moments.

the best memories


It is normal that during these days each member of the family wants to make different plans, the children will want to play all day, the teenagers will want to go out to dance, and the adults may want to be more relaxed and read a book by the pool. These days are perfect to learn to make arrangements, to understand that everyone has different needs, and agreements must be reached so that everyone can enjoy the holidays to the fullest. Sometimes they will have to make some plans that they do not have as much desire to do, to please mom or vice versa, mom will have to adjust to the tastes of the children. It is essential to listen to all the members of the family and be flexible with each other.

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Take advantage of the time

Time goes very quickly while having fun, so we must treasure every moment we can spend as a family, the children grow fast, and in the future, they might live in another city or have other responsibilities, and it will be more challenging to spend time together. To take a vacation with the people you love is more important than you might think; finally, the small details and good times are what makes us live life to the fullest. The best investment of time and money are the experiences you can have during family vacations.

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Know each other better

On a daily basis, everyone has different activities, work, school, sports, and friends, which is why family time is limited. To get out of the routine and enjoy a few days in paradise can also be the way to get to know each other better, to have time to talk and get closer to each other since everyone will be much more willing to, without the distractions of everyday life, take advantage of these moments and enjoy them.

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Leave your comfort zone

When traveling we leave our comfort zone, especially if it is outside the country as we come across a different culture, with a different language, food, drinks and more. It is time to try new things and make life more interesting because it opens the world perspective. For the little ones, vacations are a good time to expand the palate by trying new food. The fact of staying in an all-inclusive resort also gives them a better chance to try something new. In your next visit to Mexico, we recommend you to try the Mexican appetizers, micheladas and good tequila. Mexico has very rich gastronomy that is recognized around the world, so you should take advantage of it during your vacations.

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Do not think twice, pack your bags and bring your whole family on vacation to the Solaris Resorts of Cancun. Here, you will find activities for everyone and spend the best time in this paradise. We are waiting for you!