Pancho Solaris Anniversary

August happens to be an important date for the whole Solaris family: the birthday of our Pet Pancho, although not only one day is celebrated, every single all Fridays of the month, we will have parties, events, and special activities.

During his birthday, Pancho decided to go out and explore the space and visit the galaxies in search of the Solaris star, which is why the theme of spaceships, was chosen.

And don't worry about which Solaris Family hotel you decide to visit since you can join the party at any of them. Celebrando el Cumpleaños de Pancho Solaris en Los Cabos con un Parque Inflable

Celebrating Pancho Solaris' Anniversary in Los Cabos

During the Day, the animation team and our beloved pet Pancho prepare the main activity to have fun with all the children of the hotel, where there are different competitions, drawings, musical chairs, donut-eating contests, all accompanied by good music and their parents who will be next to them at all times.

At the end of the activities, there is a party, where a piñata is waiting for you, which is filled with many candies,all the children are invited to come and see who manages to break the piñata to be able to share the delicious desserts inside.

Show del Espacio en Los Cabos por el cumpleaños de Pancho Solaris

By late afternoon the party is not over yet, since on the basketball court in front of the hotel, a surprise to the children, Pancho is waiting for them with an inflatable circuit, here they could have fun as well as enjoy a delicious snack, all this while they were taken care of by their parents and the MiniClub staff.

For the parents, the Cafe Solaris restaurant was decorated, and they had unique dishes to commemorate the date, so everyone has the opportunity to be part of this celebration.

At night the Tehuacán Theater was ready to start a new and unique show, where the main character was Pancho Solaris himself, with dances, music, acrobatics and much more.

Without a doubt, this Day was exceptional at the Hotel Club Solaris Cabos.

Fiesta de Espuma por el cumpleaños de Pancho Solaris en Cancún

The party continues in Cancun

The Solaris Family at the Cancun Hotels did not stay behind to celebrate our beloved pet, from very early he visited all the people who were enjoying a delicious breakfast at Café Solaris, Las Fuentes and the different areas of the Pool.

During the main activity of the Day at the Royal Solaris Club of Cancun and GR Caribe, there was a show of acrobatics and circus in the main Pool, while foam was thrown in it, all accompanied by good music and our beloved pet who took a photo with all members and Guests. Show en el Espacio en el Cumplaños de Pancho Solaris en Cancún 2019

Meanwhile, at the Club Solaris pool, I enjoyed the presence of an illusionist and an interactive party that was accompanied by an inflatable party that everyone could enjoy, as well as having fun with the activities that the animation team had for them.

When the afternoon came the buffets were decorated with drawings of the space, of Pancho among much more, to convey the joy of the Pancho party, delicious dishes were served for the occasion, it was undoubtedly a special moment to enjoy as a family.

At night there was a special event in the different theaters where the Galactic Pancho show was held, where they could see their space adventure to finally reach the Solaris Hotels, wherewith music, dance and lights they could have fun All present.

And the best thing is that throughout August you can enjoy these great activities, events, and shows at all Solaris Hotels, where we will be waiting for you.

In your home away from home!

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