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One of the most beautiful beaches in Los Cabos

The attractions for which the destination of Los Cabos is so well known, are its beautiful beaches where everyone can enjoy their vacations, you may ask, "Why the beach?", well, they are simply stunning.

This destination has so many beaches, that there are even virgin beaches nowadays, not to mention the efforts from the locals make each day to maintain these, maintaining a high standard for the beaches so those who come to visit, whether they are locals or tourists, can have a relaxing day under the sun on one of these beautiful beaches.

Santa Maria Beach Tourists in Los Cabos

The perfect place to vacation

If you are looking for a place to vacation with your family, and want to rest, this is the perfect destination for you, "Why ? just because here you can find everything

From beautiful beaches, sunrises and sunsets that you will not find anywhere else, this without mentioning that if something for which Los Cabos is known, it is for its friendly people.

And while being here, you won't want to miss the opportunity of this beach so you'll surely want to bathe on the beach. And although you can find one right in front of your resort, you must be careful, since several of the beaches that this destination has are protected areas, since Los Cabos has different care areas for sea turtles, whale sharks, seals, etc.

But there is nothing to worry about, since there are many beaches in the capes, and today, I will talk about one of the most beautiful and peaceful that this paradise has to offer.

Santa Maria Beach sea shore

Santa María beach

This beautiful place is less than 30 minutes from the Royal Solaris Cabos Resort, so you will not have to go far to enjoy the beach, so you can just take a taxi and be on your way to spend a spectacular day in Santa María beach, but why come to this beach? What makes it so unique?.

This beautiful beach is one of the favorite places for international tourists, being one of the not so busy beaches, making it a perfect place to spend a quiet day with your partner or family.

The sand that you can find here near the seashore is thin but not so light that you can not quickly remove it afterward, the waves that you can expect here are calm and not so hard, so it's not a place dangerous to go with your children.

Santa Maria Beach life guard at the beach

Taking care of you during your holidays

Right here, you can find staff, who are responsible for keeping this beach safe and clean so you can rest easy while enjoying a romantic day with your partner, or a day of fun with your children.

From your arrival, you will notice that this beach has a public parking lot, meaning that you won't have problems when you arrive. You will see the facilities with toilets to use and the showers to remove the sand when leaving the beach and you will even see a road that will give you easy access to the beach.

You can play or relax right at the edge of the beach, you just have to follow the recommendations given by the staff of this place, so that you and the other visitors can enjoy their time on this beautiful beach.

And if you are thinking of spending an afternoon to watch the sunset, we can assure you that you will be fascinated by the tones that the sky takes, because it is even the favorite place for sailors and boats to watch the sunset.

If you still want to be more convinced that this beach is the perfect place for you, we can say for sure, that these waters are the best for doing Snorkeling. All you have to do is follow the recommendations that the staff. This beach gives you so you can have fun in the best way.

When you are ready to enter the water and see the fish, do not be surprised to see several boats near the coast, because, these waters are the favorite to do the tours, this is because of the care they give you to keep the fish, algae, and reefs

Here you will be able to see the many beautiful colorful fish and colors of the coral reefs when you explore these waters.

Santa Maria Beach waves of the sea

Let's take care of the beach

This beach is not just any beach, and you can quickly tell when you visit it, so we ask you to help us take care of it so that you and the other visitors can enjoy this beautiful beach.

You can even see in the information node with which this beach counts, where they will give you the information you need to have a healthy and ecological vacation.

Because the most important thing to have fun or relax during the holidays, is to know that you do it while taking care of the environment, so we ask you to help us take care of nature in your next vacation.

Santa Maria Beach family vacations at Los Cabos

Why is it important to take care of this beach?

The Santa María beach, as you may have noticed, is a beach that has many people who are dedicated to taking care of it, who care about keeping nature and taking care to maintain it for future generations.

This is because it is one of the most beautiful beaches that Los Cabos has to offer, where you can enjoy holidays in your own way, all this you can do in a beautiful place, which you probably do not want to go.

You may be wondering, "If this beach is so good, will it have any recognition?"

The answer is YES!

Santa Maria Beach Blue Flag Certificate

Blue Flag Certification

One way to know if a beach is right for your vacation is if it has a blue flag, this flag means that it has the Blue Flag Certification.

But what does this certification mean?

It means that this beach has the internationally established standards to be an excellent beach so you can safely and safely enjoy your time here.

From having clean sand, to be able to swim in the fresh water all day without worries, this beach has it all for you

Santa Maria Beach Zofemat Staff

How do you get Blue Flag Certification?

This certification was obtained thanks to the efforts of ZOFEMAT and SEMARNAT workers, for their acronym in Spanish, (Federal Maritim and Aquatic Zone and the Secretary of Environmental and Natural Resources, respectively), with the help of them and some volunteers over several months managed to make the Santa Maria Beach will have this certification.

For this, different requirements must be met, such as:

  • Clean sand, free of contaminants or dangerous residues

  • Safe beaches, with in-depth information signs

  • Lifeguard services

  • Cleaning equipment for installations

  • Have hygienic public toilets

  • Have sanitary drinkers, for general use

  • Have a clean public parking

  • Establish an information center for visitors

  • Have a healthy marine ecosystem and keep it safe

hese are some of the most important requirements that this beach has to meet, not to mention that the promotion of a responsible culture for all visitors is of the utmost importance

If you would like to learn more, with the help of our E-Reporter from Los Cabos, Ulises and the staff of the ZOFEMAT, we suggest you watch this video about Santa Maria Beach in Los Cabos or find more information about the Blue Flag certification

Santa Maria Beach Information Signs

Now that you know about one of the best beaches to visit in Los Cabos, the only question that remains is:

When will you come to have the vacations that you deserve on this beautiful beach?

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