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Cancun is Fun even on Rainy Days

Cancun has a privileged climate for those who enjoy spending the day on the beach since throughout the year the temperature stays between 63 and 91 degrees.

Many call it "The eternal summer" because you can't really notice the changes of the seasons except for the rainy season normally between September and November when you can experience the typical rainfall of the tropical climate

Spa at the Royal Solaris Cancun Resort

This last week of May we experienced some cloudy days and precipitations in the Mexican Caribbean, the good thing is that in the Royal Solaris resorts in Cancun we always have fun and there are many activities to do even on cloudy or rainy days, such as a well-deserved visit to the Spa where you can enjoy a pleasant massage or a special treatment to pamper yourself under the roof, as well as spend an evening at bar tasting delicious drinks of the best quality, if you are at GR Solaris, to visit the Cinema Solaris will be a great idea to spend a fun family day.

Of course the games and activities of the entertainment staff do not end on rainy days, we all meet in the lobby and the atmosphere gets great playing lottery, doing dance contests and even karaoke.

Sea at the Solaris Resorts in Cancun

When the rain passes, you will have enjoyed an afternoon of fun and you will be ready to take a dip in the sea since it always maintains a pleasant temperature, even in winter or cloudy days.

In the Solaris resorts there are no excuses to stop spending wonderful days this vacation.

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