The Cyclism Competition L'etape in La Paz

Today we are going to tell you about an international Event that took place this past weekend in Baja.

Torneo de Ciclismo Internacional en la Paz

We are talking about the 2019 Series by Le Tour de France, the most important cycling event in the world, a series that in its Mexico stage, has 5 destinations, and started in La Paz, BCS, where over 1500 bicycle riders, from USA, Australia, Chileans, Canadians, Spanish and of course Mexicans, competed to hit the mark for the Final series in France.

La Paz, is a part of the tourist attractions in the state, one that combines mountains, desert, and the sea, without a doubt an excellent scenery for all the participants, at the same one, a challenging one, which draws a route, that even its at sea level, the rocky roads, had up to 50 degree inclinations, and drops with tight curves, the course started at the boardwalk Kiosk, towards El Tecolote town.

We travel over there, with a beautiful landscape, and when I got there, I found a number of activities to do in the afternoon, just getting out of the bus, in the city boardwalk, and that's because there they had the Tour de France Village, which marked the starts and finish line, but they also installed a museum full of pictures from the 1055 previous editions, different stands promoting bicycles, sports clothing and more where there for everyone to see.

The roads were closed due to the preparations for L´e TAPE México by Tour de France, but the boardwalk and the street was open for people to go look around, while hundreds of workers, did the final details before the initial start on Sunday at 7 am.

Carrera letape en La Paz

All tourists and locals that gathered had multiple options to dine, to have a drink, activities for the kids, live music on the street, kids having 200 yards races, to see who came in first to the finish line.

Also because I arrived early, I had the chance to witness a spectacular sunset, just right side of the kiosk, a great color between orange and red that the sky gave us to all the people there.

The event had the following distances: Short Route 43 miles and the long route 87 miles, both on men and women, added to that the day I came in, Saturday, March 30th, the locals had the opportunity to cycle a 13 miles and 26 mile ride, they could do it freely, or with the official jersey, to live the maximum experience, and where the whole family could participate, that part I missed, as it was too early.

The equipment used in this competition was extensive, as they could use Route bikes, mountain bikes or fixed bikes with 2 brakes, to avoid the downhill accidents.

Sunday, I got up early to see the start of the race, and then meet the winner a couple of hours later.

On the short route men edition

The winner was Michel Zarate with a time of an hour and 51 minutes, followed by Victor Alvarez & Israel González.

Short route women's edition

With a time of two hours and 1 minute, Idania Rico & 5 minutes later Dalia Aliphas & Cibelle Hernandez.

Carrera letape en La Paz

Long route Males

  • Christian Valenzuela 2:12 hours
  • Ulises Garcia 2:13 hours
  • Alejandro Madueño 3:21 hours

  • Ruta Larga Femenil

  • Ximena Calzada 3:48 hours
  • Fernanda Velazquez 3:58 hours
  • Thalia Gieseman 4:05 hours

Part of the attractions and international events that the destiny has to offer, for the entertainment of all people of all ages and activities.