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The Earth Hour awareness day at the Solaris Hotels

Earth Hour at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Show con Fuego en la Hora del Planeta en Cabos

The activities started from the morning all the Animation team and the hotel's Housekeeper team were given the task of cleaning the shore of the beach of all waste.

When the afternoon arrived, Pancho and his friends met, where they made a run on the beach, where all the guests and partners, adults and children, could enjoy equally.

And this was not all, because just when this was over, we were waiting for a delicious paella, which was preparing one of the best chefs of the hotel, who together with a musical group who entertained with live music, made sure that they lived an environment of fun with everyone present.

At dusk, the Solaris Cafe Buffet had a special dinner, which was decorated and themed for the date, with delicious dishes for all present.

When we arrived at 8:30, the guests and partners, we met with the animation team in the Plaza del Sol, where they had prepared the main event for us, the lights were turned off with the help of kids from the kids club, and thus they began a show without equal.

Espectaculo en la Alberca en la hora del Planeta en Los Cabos

From aerial acrobatics in fabrics to choreography with colorful costumes that were adorned by ultraviolet light, and even the visit of the little mermaid, and an acrobatic show on the water.

And to end the night and give a beautiful closing to this event, there was a fire show on the beach, with acrobatics, colors and impressive dances that fascinated all of us who saw it.

Now it was time to take the photo to commemorate this evening, candles were distributed to all the guests and partners, as well as to the small children who were helped by the staff and their parents.

A circle was made on the beach and a moment was dedicated to appreciating the earth, which is the most important thing that we should all care for.

This night was a special occasion that everyone could enjoy with their loved ones.

Education and Recycling in Cancun

El equipo de Animacion de Cancun en la Hora del Planeta

In the Solaris hotels of Cancun, we also join the awareness of caring for our planet, through various activities and actions that our employees and guests can continue doing at home.

In Royal Solaris Cancun and GR Caribe, we had several fun activities for our guests, starting with a blank wall, where everyone put their wishes for the planet, and how everyone contributes their bit to change it.

The kids club, the children also helped to take care of the planet, when using recycled materials, they built pots, they made figures of animals with PET, a fan and other handmade works. All with previously used and sterilized equipment. They even joined many popes in cleaning the beach.

Arrived at 8:30 p.m., our hotel turned off the lights, to give entrance to our animation team and a spectacular fire show, which captivated all the attendees, lasted only 40 minutes, and the remaining time, there was live music to which all began to dance.

La hora del planeta en GR Solaris

In the GR Solaris, very early in the morning, a Yoga session was held on the beach, where everyone channeled their energies for the welfare of the planet, two activities were held at noon and a parade of sustainable characters. After sunset, some shirts were woven in the company of the whole family.

In the kids club, the children did everything possible to heal the world, made paper boats, with recycled material, and built a dream catcher.

At night, to commemorate the actions, all were invited to a party in the pool, with a dress code: White was the color, which represented the purity of everything and the peace that they wanted to transmit to the planet. There was food, drinks, and entertainment, so much so that we forgot that it was only an hour that we were not going to have light.

How the Earth Hour movement began

La hora del planeta en Cancun

This movement was born as an environmental movement, which as the primary objective is to turn off the lights for an hour, this would show us the positive impact we can make in the fight against climate change, as it would allow us to see the stars when cleaning the sky. The pollution of the lights.

It is currently one of the largest celebrations held worldwide, which has driven companies and the environmental sector to take care of nature as well as create new protected areas to maintain and improve our planet.

This movement symbolizes the hopes, the desire of all people to achieve change.

Under the name of WWF, (World Wildlife Fund), this organization was born in Switzerland in 1961, known for its logo with a panda, has a presence in more than 100 countries around the world and emerged as a Small group of people who were concerned and committed to making this world a better place.

The goal of the WWF is to achieve a strategy to preserve biodiversity and thus achieve sustainable development throughout the planet while caring and respecting nature and all living beings alike.

The Earth Hour Movement is one of the many projects that have been carried out to raise awareness among people, and this has led to the salvation of many endangered species as well as the generation of many more protected natural habitats.

And you, have you done your part?

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