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Plan your Vacations in 6 weeks...or less

Surely you have seen a co-worker from your job disappear one day and later found out he has taken some vacations at a paradisiacal beach, while you haven’t even thought about it!, if that’s the case we will help you with a practical guide so you can also go on vacations in under 2 months or less, while making sure they’re perfect!

Step 1: Programming your Vacations

Talking to your superior about your Vacations

The first and most important is to program your vacations to your boss.

Some might be frightened of doing so, but you must not worry about it, because it’s well known that most of the bosses are glad to help you get your vacations if you tell them with some time in advance, so let out all of your doubts and worries!, talk to your boss and he will hear you out, that way you’ll be able to organize your work schedule so you aren’t saturated or have to do double timers before going on vacation nor have pending work after your well earned vacations.

Step 2: The “X” Marks the Destination

Choosing your destination for your next Vacations

After talking with your boss about your well earned vacations, you need to decide, Where should you travel to?

You can decide this in under a week, because you, a friend or a family member must likely have the perfect place in mind

There are many places that you can travel to, that’s why one of the easiest ways to choose a place, is to make a votation within the ones who will travel with you, that way you can know for sure that you’re making the best decision and everyone will be happy.

Something that many people forget when traveling is to prepare the place where they spend their nights, for this, you have to make your reservation in a hotel, but it can not be any hotel. The important thing when making your reservation is to have the best to enjoy during your stay.

Taking the best decision for your Vacations Plans

One of our recommendations is that you stay in an all-inclusive resorts since they are one of the best options , because in these kind of hotels you will not have to worry about anything, in them you'll be able to find many of the things you need right there.

In Los Cabos, you can enjoy a warm climate, where you’ll be able to feel the cozy embrace of the sun accompanied by the fresh sea breeze during the day, without counting the activities you can do on this destination.

Also, if you rather a more fresh climate and colorful wildlife, we can suggest the destination of Cancun if you travel there, you'll be visiting a destination in which you can see the beautiful landscapes full of color and life, as well as you can enjoy theme parks, tours, excursions and much more.

You could even visit the Marina of the Solaris Resorts in Cancun, one of the best places to vacation with your loved ones and have fun during your journey.

Step 3: Flying towards your destination

Airplane tickets for traveling on your next vacations

Now that you have your resort ready, you need something more, an Airplane ticket!

One of the reasons why it is very important to know the when you’re going on vacations, is to be able to get your plane tickets on time, this will help you get them on the ideal price for your vacations.

By doing this you’ll have enough time to start thinking about the activities you can enjoy, what you’ll do, etc.

You can do this, during your second week of planning, as well we can recommend you to make your airplane reservation on a Monday or Tuesday because the Plane Offers usually come out on these days, you should also make sure not to make the reservation on weekends, since this is when more people are making their reservations, therefore the prices go up

Now you have your ticket, there’s only one step left

Step 4: Prepare your Luggage!

Doing your Luggage for your Journey

After getting your plane ticket, your reservation and the resort ready, you need to make sure that your luggage is ready to go, because you don’t want to miss anything for your vacations.

A way to know that your bags are ready to go is if a few days before your trip, you try to change yourself with only the things that you have in your luggage, this way you will notice if you need your toothbrush, combs, gel, phone charger, anything.

Something that you should take into consideration if your destination is a place with beaches is not to forget the sunblock nor your swimsuit because I can assure you, you will want to go swimming or at least enjoy a day in the refreshing water of the sea.

When you have all this ready, you just need to follow a final step to be fully prepared for your vacation.

Step 5: It's time to Travel!

Getting ready at the Airport to travel

You have your destination ready, your plane is waiting for you, and you have your bags ready for your whole trip, now you just need to wait until the date arrives and do not forget your flight schedules, take your plane and travel to your destination; your vacations are waiting you!

If your destination is an all-inclusive hotel, we recommend you not to buy things inside the airport, since in these places it is typical that the items are super expensive, so just wait until you arrive at your resort where you will get all the margaritas you want!

Enjoying your Vacations at the Beach

Once you have arrived at your resort you can enjoy your vacation, so unpack your bags and get up to visit the beautiful places around.

If you have doubts, you should not be afraid to ask those who work in the hotel where you are staying, because this is one of the easiest ways to know about the places to visit, remember that they are locals and they know the area.

Now what you can do is explore the beautiful destination you have chosen, go out and have fun, enjoy the local culture or just lie down and enjoy your relax time without any worries.

Step 6: Enjoy the Tours and have fun.

Taking the Tours at your Vacations

You might want to go out and explore, but you cannot make the decision yet because you don’t know the destination, you shouldn’t worry about it since the hotels commonly have travel agencies in them, which can help you out with all the information you could possibly need or if you are looking for suggestions, they are more than likely know about the places you cannot miss! You can ask for the flyers and brochures they have so you’re able to see some of the places and get to know more about what is included on the tours that are available.

These people are professionals who will guide you during your adventures and will make sure that you’re safe the whole time, you can always talk to them as they have many stories to tell which surely will help with your decision.

Take into account that the tours are shared with other vacationers from all the world, so make sure to not miss the chance of meeting them and make new travel friends, this will ensure that your vacations even more memorable

Vacations never end

Planning your future vacations at work

When you go on vacations, you’ll have the opportunity to form unforgettable memories with your loved ones, have full day of fun and that will free yourself from all the worries you had, we can guarantee, you’ll love it!

When you return to your job after your vacations, you’ll be able to notice the difference, as you’ll feel more relaxed, stress-free and overall more happy, making your return to work a piece of cake.

By following this practical guide, we can assure you that your vacation will be a stress-free journey since the most important points are covered, just make sure.

The only question left is, when will you go on vacations?

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