New Menu for La Palapita Sushi Bar

We all know sushi, the classic Japanese dish that with few ingredients, mainly rice and other very varied, has charmed international palates, nowadays it is quite common to consume sushi around the world. Therefore, we have also experimented with how to prepare it and we have added ingredients that goes perfectly with it.
At Royal Solaris Cancun we are always interested on improving, that's why we decided to renew the La Palapita Sushi Bar menu so that our members and guests can enjoy new and richer kinds of sushi.

La Palapita Sushi Bar en Cancún royal solaris

Of course, classic sushi like the California Roll will still on the menu but other rolls like the Dragon Roll have been added, with cream cheese, shrimp and a delicious avocado topping. Other rolls that came to the menu are the Alaska Roll, with cream cheese, tropical fruit, grated coconut and ginger sauce, the fresh Margo Roll, with cream cheese, cucumber, kiwi and peach and also the new favorite of our members and guests, The Purple Roll, with purple rice, nori seaweed, spinach, cucumber, avocado and carrot. A true delight! These, to mention some of the novelties of the new La Palapita Sushi Bar´s menu.

La Palapita Sushi Bar en Cancún

Our chef in charge of La Palapita, Emiliano, told us that he is very happy with these changes and that they have had very good comments. He also told us that since the menu changed La Palapita is more crowded than ever.

You must try these treats on your next homecoming. We are waiting for you at La Palapita Sushi Bar!