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This is how we lived the End of the Year in Solaris

2019 arrived to the Solaris Family, and everyone decied to be part of this special day, families and friens reunited to enjoy this day, and so did the staff from the Solaris Family, whom doubled their efforts to make of this night, one that you won't forget

With more than 2,000 people at the Resorts of the Solaris Family, not counting the staff and Guests that came to celebrate this day, with buffets, music, lights and fireworks, this day was truly one that marked the end of 2018 in a terrific way.

Fuente de Cahmpagne en Royal Solaris Los Cabos

This is how we Celebrated the New Year in Los Cabos

At Royal Solaris Los Cabos, we had this celebration, and we did it with all the Guests of the hotel.

They put on New Year's decorations, and when I say decorations, I do not just talk about colors and streamers, I tell you that a champagne fountain was placed.

The tables are decorated in the style of Gala, with golden tones, active glasses and even hats, glasses and others for those who joined the party were pleased and full of joy on this particular date.

That without a doubt we celebrate it with our loved ones.

We had a bar exclusively for this event, with refreshing drinks, which were being taken by our best waiters, who without hesitation joined the party to celebrate with this great family.

The chefs prepared a feast for us at night, to complement the celebration and the arrival of the new year.

Celebrando con Buffet en el Año Nuevo en Los Cabos

We had Live Music, a New Show that premiered on this night, and of course, many fireworks, which lit the night while everyone gave each other the New Year's hug, to close the night.

This was a night that will never be forgotten in Los Cabos, and we hope you can be a part of this coming year.

As is the tradition in the Solaris Hotels, we had fun activities during the day on this particular date, a preamble to the Great Holiday that we live to celebrate the coming year.

The Kids Club team prepared many activities for the little ones, like the decoration of t-shirts, creation of their own masks and New Year's hats, and their crazy glasses, as usual, the children painted the Faces with different favorite characters.

The entertainment team was not left behind with the best of the year, through games where our Guests participated actively, Bingo and trivia were the most popular, since it involves questions of things happened during 2018, we also had activities like the Zumba, and the crowning of our last beauty queen of the year, Miss Solaris 2018.

Celebrando el 2019 en la Playa de Cancún

How did we celebrate this New Year at Cancun?

On behalf of Royal Solaris Cancun, the invitation was made to all our Guests to a great Toast in the Royal Solaris theater where with a positive attitude and grateful for the superb year 2018 and the blessings it brought, to celebrate the beginning of a new year and that promises a better 2019.

Later, at 9 o'clock in the evening, everyone was invited to go to the extensive beach of GR Caribe and Royal Solaris Cancun, since we had set up a particular stage with live music to open the dance floor. As adults and children arrived, they were given the badges such as hats, glasses, and scarecrow to receive the year as they should.

At 10 o'clock in the evening, the music gave way to the night show by our animation team entitled "Show of the stars", for once finished, to continue with more music, more dance and more fun for all, our team of waiters always had a refreshing drink and canapés prepared especially for this event.

15 minutes before midnight, the same waiters were in charge of distributing the traditional grapes and glasses with Champagne, to toast the sound of the 12 chimes. A few seconds before 12 o'clock at night, the conventional counting started to start another 365 days. While in the background, and with the majestic Caribbean as a canvas, fireworks began to thunder, reflected in the sea before the eyes of all those attending this great party..

There were very emotional moments, our Guests embraced their families, friends, and even other Guests they had just met, celebrating the arrival of the New Year on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

In GR Solaris, we celebrated with a delicious special dinner in all our specialty restaurants and a delicious international buffet, the theme this time was Eastern setting, in honor of our restaurant Zai, we include ice statues, food towers, Chinese dragons and of course, lucky cookies. Many surprises we had prepared for our dear Guests.

The show and Brindis were held at the Tehuacán Theater, to open the dance floor, which also had the same oriental motifs, the champagne flowed, the grapes were distributed, and the start of a spectacular 2019 was ready.

Celebrando el Año Nuevo en Cancun

2018 ended, and many families, friends, and couples gathered to celebrate this wonderful party in all parts of the world.

But, have you ever wondered, Why is the New Year celebrated?

This date is celebrated from ancient times, going back to when the calendar of the year did not even have 365 days.

In ancient times the calendar had 325 days according to the Nicaea calendar, and it was changed to the Gregorian calendar because it was not very accurate.

In the Middle Ages (1582) Pope Gregory XIII established January 1 as New Year's Day, to have a better measure by marking the dates.

It is known that from the time of Babylon this day is celebrated, they celebrate it in the Akitu, Julius Caesar and the Romans, they lived it in a way more similar to the present, since they started with the parties and decorations in the houses.

Celebrando la llegada del 2019 en Cancun

And in modern times, we celebrate with decorations, fireworks, toasts, delicious food and many more!

That is why on December 31 we raise a glass and toast with our loved ones for the beginning of a new year. It is a practice that we learned from our birth and that we practice annually. Surrounded by the people we love.

Where we share and we set goals for next year, or New Year Resolutions, which among the most common are:
Travel more
Want to lose weight
Save more
Study more
Read more books
Buy a car
Spend more time with the family, etc

Adornos en Los Cabos por el Año Nuevo 2019

Another new year tradition is the well known the 12 Grapes.

The twelve grapes or grapes of luck is the tradition of eating twelve grapes, one for each stroke, at 12 o'clock on the night of December 31 (New Year's Eve) on January 1, since doing this means that you will have good luck in the new Year.

This tradition comes from Spain and is very remarkable in the Latin American countries such as: Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

And of course, the most prominent place where the twelve grapes are taken is in Spain, Madrid, where the well-known watch of the Casa de Correos is located and from where usually all the Spanish televisions broadcast the retransmission of the chimes of the change of year.

Chimes are also used in other Latin American countries, and these signify the departure of New Year's Eve and the arrival of the New Year, to bring good luck and prosperity for all.

From Los Cabos and Cancun, we wish you the best
We will be waiting for you to come and visit your family in Your Home away from Home!

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