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Cafe Solaris from Royal Solaris Los Cabos

The Salad Bar at the Cafe Solaris from Los Cabos

Every morning when we wake up, we have the desire to have a good breakfast, something natural and delicious, enjoy a coffee with delicious freshly baked pastries, or a homemade omelet with freshly squeezed orange juice.

Now imagine that you are doing it, right next to the beach, at dawn, while listening to the waves of the sea.
That sounds good, don't you think?

Well, that's precisely what you can expect to find at Royal Solaris Los Cabos where Café Solaris is waiting for you with that and much more!

This restaurant is one of the best known in the Resort of Los Cabos, and this is because most people who come here love it, it is not only because it is open very early, but because of the great variety of food and juices for all tastes.

Cafe Solaris opens from 7 am and closes at 10:30 am, it is located right next to the adult pool

Omelets at the Restaurant Cafe Solarins of Los Cabos

This restaurant opens every day in the mornings where everyone can go for their breakfast, from adults to children, here you can find everything you need to start your morning.

One of the favorite places for the youngest is the cereal area, where they can choose their favorite cereal, as well as cold yogurt and fresh fruits to have a healthy breakfast, which can accompany their favorite natural juice.

For moms who still like to stay healthy during their vacations, they have a complete salad bar, where they can choose their favorite food, this is next to the cereal area, so they can keep an eye on their children nearby while choosing their perfect breakfast.

For the parents, it is very well known that they prefer a heavier breakfast, so the bar stews will be their favorite place, where you can find freshly prepared dishes specially cooked for that day.

For the elderly, the favorite part is the breakfast, from the visit they give to Lucy, the well-known cook of this area, where they will prepare their omelet at the moment, with the ingredients of their preference.

The cooks of Cafe Solaris In Los Cabos

I have also heard that she likes to sing while she cooks, so do not hesitate to check it out while you wait for your dish.

Some other dishes that you have to try to have your complete meal and start your day in paradise are.

From gorditas with delicious stews, freshly baked bread, donuts to accompany your coffee, and even desserts so you can enjoy when you finish your dish.

Without a doubt, this is a perfect restaurant to start your morning.

But this restaurant is not only open for breakfast

Now the afternoon has come, you are returning from the beach, spending a day in the pool or even recovering from a tour with your loved ones or friends, and you are a little hungry, but you do not know where to go, what can you do?

Pastries and Desserts from the Cafe Solaris of Los Cabos

Cafe Solaris has you covered, this restaurant reopens in the evenings with special buffets every night, from Mexican, American, International, Italian and even ‘Parrillada’ nights!

Here you have the opportunity to find the perfect food for your night, with dishes that change day by day for the special nights already mentioned.

You will find delicious food to enjoy such as tacos al pastor, pasta, snacks, and even dishes from other parts of the world, without a doubt you will spend a special night.

This is not all, as the salad bars, desserts, among others, will remain open so you can also enjoy during your meal.

The only thing that this restaurant need is for you come to enjoy it!

We'll be waiting for you at your favorite resort, Royal Solaris Los Cabos!

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