Celebrate Earth Hour with us

Some people may ask themselves, what is Earth hour? What does this stand for, or what's the purpose?

Well to answer all these questions, we might want to turn to the internet, and its everlasting knowledge of some topics, Earth hour is a yearly event by the WWF ( world wide fund) and consists on Each and every one of us to Live our lives One hour without Electronic or Electric Devices ( even Lights); this will help eventually to prevent the climate change, and make everyone of us aware of the Ecological impact we have done over the past 20 years.

This weekend marks the 15th anniversary of the First ever Earth Day, that originated on sydney Australia, strangely, t was not an Activist organization but a Marketing agency, who started this movement, over the years more countries have hopped on board, and joined the cause to help our planet live a little longer.

Americans and the Astronomy association, give this statement a twist, as it coincidentally happens on the week for the National dark sky week- They ask everyone just to turn out the light and contemplate the stars in the sky, cool right?

60+ reign awareness to all, by Taking advantage of the Resources we have on hand and not relying purely on human made gadgets, more and more people would benefit from this movement in the long-run.

Last year due to covid, we as a planet regressed a bit, as due the Covid pandemic, we had to rely on electronic devices and work from home Schools and jobs, hopefully this year we can beat the record 190 countries that joined the cause, and shut down for a whole hour, to give our world a breathe.

This way Club Solaris has also joined the efforts made every year to keep our world and recover its health to leave to our descendants a better place to live, remember que only have one world to live.

During the year, we recycle plastic and glass, dispose of the waste, protect nature, by replanting trees, and taking care of our fauna ( like our sea turtle protection program).

There are more things to do, to give our planet another 60 minutes, and every single one of us can do it, at their homes, or workplaces.

If you want to know about activities to do in the Solaris Resorts regarding earth Hour, click here: