The Iconic Arch in Cabo, Mexico

Coming to Cabo and not visiting the arch is not having come to Cabo. Can you imagine that during your vacation you can be in what was previously called Finisterra, (the end of the earth); Undoubtedly it looks better than it sounds and if you come to Cabo you cannot miss seeing with your own eyes these huge and majestic rocks that were created thousands of years ago and together they create huge waves that are an unforgettable attraction for tourists and locals

THe story

The Baja California peninsula was part of the North American plate about 12 to 15 million years ago, and through plate tectonic movement, the peninsula eventually formed, meaning that El Arco and the other scattered rock formations and nearby are millions of years old, in addition to this, the arch is accompanied by the beaches called "love" facing the sea of Cortez and "divorce" with a view of the Pacific Ocean, one more fact is that seasonally you can see the beach that is just under the arch and if you are lucky that during your visit it is uncovered you can go down and take a walk on it.


This is one of the must-sees during your stay in cabo san lucas, there are several ways to appreciate it since from strategic points of the marina you can see it from afar, but if you want to be amazed by its imminent beauty you should take one of the various tours offered at the piers of the Cabo San Lucas marina, there are many prices, since you can do it on a yacht or in a boat (panga) in which your captain in charge will tell you the story in more detail of the arch and some other curious anecdote.

Recently I went again to visit this natural beauty, when I boarded my boat and the captain started I felt how the sea breeze splashed me because of the speed and the waves colliding with the boat, I realized, once again, the beauty and immensity of the sea of Cortez that is imposing, the photograph of that immensity remained saved in my memory.

As we were advancing towards our destination I was able to appreciate certain marine species, fish of many species, pelicans and sea lions; if you come in whale season, you may be lucky and be amazed by the natural spectacle they offer when they jump.

The tour to the arch lasted approximately 20 minutes, when we got there the captain in charge stopped so that we could take all the photos and videos that we wanted, not all tours offer that you can go down to their beaches, so you will have to ask what it is what each one offers, whatever you are going to take, you will not regret living this wonderful experience.

Regardless of how many times you come to Cabo San Lucas, this is a must-see attraction, either to enjoy the sun or the beautiful sunsets.