Packing for our Vacations

Something we always have to do when leaving and when we return from our vacations, and that many of us are thinking about how to do it well, is how to organize our things in the suitcase, it may be by magic or that someone makes our bag more small on the way back so that our clothes no longer fit. Still, without a doubt, we all need help with our luggage.

It is for this reason that today I bring you 8 tips to take when putting together your travel bag so you can travel without any problem.

Selectin your clothing for your vacations

1- Choose well what you are going to take

The first step to prepare your suitcase is to choose all the clothes that you think you might need, it is the moment when you can add those shoes that you like so much, the tennis shoes that you no longer use, and even that suit or dress that you have wanted to wear but You don't find the right time to use it.

You can put on pants, shorts, and swimsuits, and even sunscreens, deodorants, perfumes, the tablet you want to take, your camera for photos, all the things you think are necessary to have a perfect trip.

2- Research the weather in advance to pack properly

Now that you have all your things, it is time to think, something to take into account is the type of clothing we need, so as not to be mistaken; This can be flip flops, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, caps, among many other things.

One of the most important points we have to do is reduce our luggage by not carrying things that do not fit the climate of our destination. This is so that our suitcase only has something that we will know that we will have to use during our stay and not load it, with unnecessary things.

3- Reduce your luggage by 3/4

Now that we have the clothes that we are going to use according to where we are going, we are sure that we still have many things that would not fit in our suitcase, it is time for us to ask ourselves a few questions, do we really have to take 6 pairs of pants, wear 4 dresses or 4 pairs of shoes ?, Do we need to wear 10 pairs of underwear and 8 shirts during our trip? If we are going to stay at the destination for a long time, the answer may be yes, so we need a bigger suitcase or pay to carry an additional bag.

The most common is that many of the travelers carry a lot of clothes for eventualities, and it is much more common that everything we bring with us is not even used, that is why although we believe that what we take is enough for our entire trip Surely we are wearing a lot of clothes that we will even bring back unused.

What we really need are 2 sets of beach clothes, 2 sets of casual clothes, a pair of sandals and a pair of glasses if our destination is the beach; So we will have clothes to wear when we go to get wet in the water, and we want to tan, just like we can dress for when we decide to walk or go to a restaurant.

So now that you have your vacation clothes make sure you choose your favorite to reduce your luggage to something moderate.

Using your Handbag while traveling

4- Take advantage of your luggage/handbag

If you decided to take more clothes but when making your luggage, you realized that not everything would fit, do not worry, when flying it is allowed for people to take a handbag, which you can usually carry with a few garments or even electronics that did not fit in the suitcase. (check with your airline, the dimensions, and weights of such hand luggage).

This is one of the best ways to lighten the load of your luggage to be able to comply with the weight of it, within the established limit.

Packing liquids for your travels

5- Put the liquid in two zip bags

When it comes to storing all your clothes in your suitcase, we may want to bring perfume, a moisturizer or something similar. One of the best ways for this to be inside our luggage is to place it inside Ziploc bags, but not just 1 since it can rupture with something like a tennis shoe, a belt, or something similar inside our suitcase.

The correct way to pack liquids for our trip is to use two Ziploc bags, so if one breaks, you will still be sure that it does not stain the entire interior of your suitcase or the clothes we carry for our vacations.

When doing this it is also essential to inform the airport staff of any liquid that goes inside our suitcase, this will help us so that the security personnel does not have problems when checking our luggage; If you want to know more about the security of an airport, check this blog.

6- Roll up, don't fold

Rolling your clothes to pack them for your Vacations

When you are putting your clothes inside the suitcase, one of the most common ways to store things is if we fold them, if we put the underwear, shirts, dresses and finally pants and our accessories. This usually results in not taking full advantage of the space we can use in our suitcase.

The way I recommend that you store your stuff is rolling it up, that's right, your socks and underwear can smoothly go inside your shoes, so you can save the space they usually use. In the same way, the shirts can be rolled up so that when packing several clothes, they can be accommodated more efficiently, and use only the space they need. The pants can be placed in the same way or be rolled up with each other, to minimize the area they would typically use.

Of course, if you want to learn more about the essentials and some tips to take while you are packing, look at this blog where you can learn how to have a light trip without losing anything essential for your vacation.

Putting dryer sheets on your luggage

7- Use Dryer sheets

When we arrive at the hotel our clothes can likely feel fresh for the entire time it was locked in the suitcase, an effortless way to avoid this is if we place an aromatic sheet, this way when we arrive and put on any of our clothes They will feel fresh and even have a pleasant aroma.

We can not only do this when we are leaving for our vacations, but it can also be used when we go back so that when packing our dirty clothes, it does not have a bad smell at the time we unpack in our houses.

8-Weigh your luggage

Since we are more than sure that we have everything ready to go on a trip, and it is time to leave, at the moment we arrived at the airport, they will ask us a question that many people are uncomfortable with, "Can you put your suitcase into the weight please?" This simple question can mark one of the most common problems when traveling, since exceeding the weight of your luggage means that we will have to pay more.

One of the simplest ways in which we can avoid this kind of thing is if we weigh our luggage before going to the airport, so we can avoid having to take clothes or having to pay more for excess weight in the suitcase.

These tips will undoubtedly help you so that the next time you go on a trip, you can have everything ready so that your vacation is the best.

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