Marco Polo

Iternational Cuisine in Cancun

All the taste and elegance of the international cuisine in Cancun, We prepare 7 different cuisines, one daily for you to delight.

marco polo restaurant in royal solaris cancun



Capresse salad
Classic italian salad with tomatoe, mozzarella cheese and basil pesto.
Chef salad
A fresh salad with a made with mix lettuce palm hearts, roasted corn, cherry tomatoe, bell peppers and apple slices, goat cheese and peanut vinagrette.
Piamonte roll
Prosciutto roll stuffed with provolone cheese and crispy organic lettuce, with a touch of blackberries and peppermint essence.
Neapolitan calamari
Perfect fried calamari with walnut, caper and lemon aioli sauce, accompained by black olives and fresh basil. leaves.
Florence soup
Traditional minestrone soup recipe with pasta, bacon and white beans.
Venetian cream
A simple, yet delicious cream recipe made with chickpea creamy soup with leek and basil

Back of salmon
Wrapped with fine herbs and white vine, served with vegetables and creamy parsley sauce.
New York
Juicy beef cut cooked to taste, served with fresh vegetables and creamy parsley sauce.
Shrimp with garlic
Fresh shrimp bathed in butter sauce, accompained by rice pilaf and grilled vegetables
Parmesan Milanese
Parmesan beef Milanese with Napoleon vegetables as garnish and a touch of pesto sauce, delicious!
Tuna fish slices, and risotto with mushrooms covered with creamy spinach sauce, and basil oil drops.
Lombardia fish fillet
Fresh fillet with basil-infused mashed spinach, garnished with portobello with garlic and pink pepper sauce.
This menu is a sample.