About Club Solaris and Solaris Resorts

Enter the world of Solaris Resorts and Club Solaris, warm sunny days, amazing beaches, exciting adventures, entertaining activities, spacious rooms, dreamlike pools, incredible dining and an exciting nightlife await you in our exquisite vacations either in our majestic destination of Los Cabos. Experience the many benefits of a top-notch vacation in Mexico, but only at our All Inclusive Solaris Resorts.

Why is the name of “Solaris”

Solaris is the name of a star; in ancient times, when sailors got lost in the sea's immensity, the brightest star in the sky, the Pole Star or Polaris, which would lead them to their destination, guided them. It's a metaphor; Solaris believes that the path for humanity is the pursuit of happiness, and its destiny will be to transcend through its good works.


Club Solaris is the tourism division of Grupo Romero, a 100% Mexican company leader in the poultry and industrial market, based in the city of Puebla, beginning its foray into the hotel services sector in 1988 and 1989. Through a subsidiary called Villas Solaris and continued by “Villas Internacionales del Caribe” through the international operators: Aston (Aston Solaris) and Ramada Inn (Ramada Renaissance)

In September 1990, the Romero Group carried out a radical change: They would become hoteliers by directly operating their properties, starting the tour operator Hoteles Solaris de México with what was previously called Torre Royal and Torre Caribe.

Club Solaris distinguished itself by operating the Royal Tower with the innovative “ALL INCLUSIVE” concept, offering memberships of a premier class category: Club Solaris; while Torre Caribe, offered the traditional "EUROPEAN PLAN"; however, with the positive acceptance of the "ALL INCLUSIVE" concept, in May 1992, the two towers operate under the same concept, being pioneers in this concept that, until then, did not exist in Mexico. After that, they named both towers Royal Solaris Cancun.

Because of the great success of the memberships and the all inclusive package, the chain's second hotel opened its doors in July 2001: Royal Solaris Los Cabos, continuing to grow until December 18, 2004, when Grupo Romero opened its third hotel: GR Solaris Cancun, Deluxe Version.

In 2017, we renamed the Royal Solaris Caribe Tower GR Solaris Caribe. This hotel is so unique that the focal point is the care it offers its guests, combining elegance and hospitality. It was then decided that guests vacationing at this hotel could access the other tower at no extra cost, the sister hotel that is now known as Royal Solaris Cancun.


Our mission at Club Solaris is to provide our guests with unique vacation experiences that make them happy. We strive to create a memorable experience for each one of our guests, and we dedicate ourselves to providing the best service possible. We want our guests to have the best time possible while staying with us, and we will do everything we can to make that happen.


We strive to be the leading all inclusive company by providing excellent products, services and customer experiences. We will always act with honesty, integrity, and social responsibility. We will be the leading all inclusive hotel company, recognized for our efficiency, outstanding products and services, and social responsibility.



At Club Solaris we believe in the philosophy of "kissing the frog", that ancient story in which a perfect being was under an evil spell that had turned him into a toad; only a kiss of true love could turn him back into the longed-for prince. The application of his way of acting and thinking, not only in making customers feel special but also in making employees feel special: the success of Club Solaris is the success of its people.


GR Caribe by Solaris Deluxe (GR Caribe):
ALL INCLUSIVE luxury hotel with 200 rooms, Mediterranean architecture and modern interior design with a relaxed atmosphere. If you stay at GR Caribe, you can use the facilities of the sister hotel Royal Solaris Cancun.
Royal Solaris Cancun:
ALL INCLUSIVE Hotel with 300 rooms overlooking the lagoon or the Caribbean Sea, has a peculiar pyramidal structure slightly inspired by the Chichen-Itza pyramid.
GR Solaris Cancún:
ALL INCLUSIVE luxury family hotel with 306 rooms, with views of the sea or the lagoon and extended balconies. It has a family atmosphere, so it offers a wide variety of activities during the day and night.
Royal Solaris Los Cabos:
Magnificent ALL INCLUSIVE family hotels facing the Sea of Cortez. It has a Mexican hacienda style, beautiful gardens, an activity pool and relaxation pool. It has 390 rooms.

Premier Class

The Premier VIP Class of Club Solaris is known as Club Solaris, whereupon becoming members and part of the Solaris family. Our guests have access to special privileges to make their vacation a unique experience, such as access to specific suites, Premier Bar, gala dinners, premium menus, members exclusive tours and much more... what are you waiting for, join the club!