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What's new on Royal Solaris Los Cabos this 2018?

Los Cabos is one of the most loved and visited destination by many people, being one of the most visited places in all of Mexico, and it is for a good reason since it has beautiful beaches, a warm weather and an artistic beauty that can only be found here.

Something that is very well known is that if you want to fully enjoy a destination as complete as Los Cabos, it must be done in one of the best resorts, that's why we recommend Royal Solaris Los Cabos.

Improving your Resort in Los Cabos

But what does Royal Solaris Los Cabos have for you?

This resort, being all-inclusive, gives you the option to enjoy all the restaurants, buffets, bars, without any additional cost, since these are part of your inclusive.
In the same way, you can be part of the activities that our animation and sports team has for you so that you can also have fun, without mentioning that you will have the opportunity to win many prizes in them.

Sushi prepared by the chefs at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Making your Favorite Restaurants even Better!

Another of the most visited places is the Snack Bar, which now has many more fresh and delicious dishes prepared right here, one of the favorites within the Snack Bar is the Sushi Bar, which now has its own place.

Now we have moved to the terrace the Sushi Bar in front of Rosmarinus so that everyone has faster access to wanting to enjoy a sushi roll near the beach, pool or adult area.

And as if that were not enough, we have also given a renovation to Rosmarinus, by improving the equipment inside the kitchen, and we have given it a fresher and more pleasant view so that you can enjoy it when you decide to come and try the buffet that we have for you.

Pizzallisima Restaurant at Royal Solaris Los Cabos for your Vacations

One of the most visited places is Pizzallisima, the pizzeria which was located near the beach, where delicious pizzas where made by our chefs, so you could enjoy during your stay with us

Now, we have relocated this Restaurant, which now is located near the Ahora, hemos llevado a cabo una relocalizacion de este restaurante, al moverlo justo al lado de la alberca y al swim up bar, para que no tengas que caminar o tardarte nada a la hora de querer degustar una pizza especialmente preparada para ti

Marco Polo Restaurant at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

In the same way, we have improved and renewed the terrace that we have in Marco Polo. We changed the chairs and tables for a more modern style, we also gave ourselves the task of improving our dishes so that you can enjoy them in a fun evening with your loved ones or at a romantic dinner with your partner.

New Shows and much more!

And if that were not enough, you can attend the shows and nightly events we have for you, from a Mexican-style dinner to a Michael Jackson show, we assure you that you will love it.

No doubt in this resort you can find the best so you can enjoy your stay, that's why we have even opened a new place for "big kids" can have fun, Pancho's disco!

NightClub at Panchos in Royal Solaris Los Cabos

The restaurant of Panchos is one of the most loved since it offers typical Mexican dishes, a pleasant atmosphere, and an excellent service, it is for this same reason that we have decided to give this beautiful restaurant a change so that its doors do not close.

From 10:30 pm, you can enjoy music with live DJ, live music on select dates and much more, all this with the help of our food and beverage team and our animation and sports team, who they ensure that you have an unforgettable night!

And not only have we improved our restaurants, with renovations, changes and more, but we have also given ourselves the task of making our night shows even better, as well as integrating a new show called "Calafia"!

Calafia Show at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

In this new show, you will discover the story of Princess Calafia, who was inspired by the Spanish novel. This tale is about how she was the leader of a pre-Hispanic tribe and tells how this was when the conquerors arrived, a story that we assure you you'll love being represented with dances, acrobatics and more, this is a show for the whole family!

No doubt we are continually improving your favorite Los Cabos Resort so that you and your loved ones can enjoy it when they come to rest and have fun, we will be waiting for you in your home away from home!

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