Can you dine at the Beach of Royal Solaris Los Cabos?

Have you ever wondered, Where can you spend a lovely afternoon with your partner, to show how much you appreciate them, and naturally in a beautiful place? If so, we have the perfect answer for you: Los Cabos.

Couple at the Full Moon Dinner

When we think of Los Cabos, we think of the beautiful beaches, the waves of the sea, and the natural landscapes that the location offers us; why not take advantage of all this and spend a romantic evening with your special someone with the relaxing sound that the sea of Cortez provides us.

One, of the many reasons why our Royal Solaris Los Cabos hotel stands out, is because of the astonishing beach that is near, it being just a few steps from the resort. A beautiful beach where every morning you can see people walking, enjoying a beautiful sunrise, and along the coast, sea turtles come to deposit their eggs throughout the year, but few know that at night you can also enjoy on the seashore and not just for walking.

At Club Solaris Los Cabos we have the perfect way to make you enjoy everything we can offer you, the Full Moon Dinner is one more of the options we have for you, in this dinner you can enjoy a plate cooked especially for you.

In an harmonious environment, with a quiet evening, accompanied by a table montage, with chairs, table linen, and candles in the white sand where you can enjoy a peaceful dinner away from the bustle of the restaurants, and with your own waiter who will serve you.

This dinner it's an exclusive event, and has an additional cost, if you are thinking about taking it, we have to mention, that you need to follow the moon cycles, as its only available when there is full moon in Los Cabos, this to be able to give the appropriate romantic tone to your night.

We are waiting for you at Royal Solaris Los Cabos where will be able to enjoy a romantic evening with the person you love!