Los Cabos in the 52 Recommended Destinations by The New York Times

Have you ever asked yourself which locations are the best to visit during 2018?

Well as usual, “The New York Times” published this year’s list of the top 52 best locations around the world to visit

This was the result of a voting process, in which people all around the world were involved, taking into consideration the beauty, fun and culture of all the destinations

the arch in cabo san lucas, mexico

This article is made especially for those who want to enjoy the best places in the world and have fun without any problems.

This year, Los Cabos was named 11th place on the list!

Recognized as a beautiful tourist site, with incredible beaches and endless activities to do, Los Cabos was recognized for this and much more!

Los Cabos was nominated above Canada, China and Australia!

Coast view of cabo san lucas mexico

A wonderful place to Vacation and enjoy with your family or friends, this is a true destination for you to have the best time ever.

Chosen by the hundreds of travelers around the world as one of the best places to visit this year 2018.

This is not the first time that “The New York Times” mentions Los Cabos!

kids looking at the sea of cortez in mexico

They have published many articles about this wonderful destination, where they show us the spectacular experiences we can experience, the places where we can see the culture of Mexico that has not been seen before.

All this is just the beginning, we have not mentioned the adventures that you can experience and live during the Tours that Los Cabos has for you!

Tours with Camels, trips on ATV, launch with rappel, going on an unparalleled fishing trip, swim with dolphins, diving, going to the Art Walk and many more things!

We also have a delicious cuisine!

green salad with lettuce onion and broccoli

From delighting international Chef’s dishes, Gourmet Platters, Delicious Desserts or just some delicious Mexican tacos, is something you must have during your vacations.

And obviously there is nothing better than accompany it with a delicious drink to enjoy the warmth and freshness of the air that this beautiful destination has to offer.

There are even more things for you to do during the Holidays!

the worst artist in los cabos mexico

You can decide to go and explore the cultural places, where you should not be surprised to find art galleries, sculptures and paintings.

Because in Mexico your vacations can not be completed if you do not explore the Culture that we live.

See how they draw, make landscapes or get a funny portrait of yourself, that is something that will give your trip a special touch to remember.

We put music to your vacation!

live music performance in fornt of royal solaris los cabos

You are already seeing the beautiful works of art and listening to an enjoyable melody outside.

This is something very common that happens in Mexico, because Mariachis are not the only musicians we have, you will be able to find urban musicians, live concerts, incredible music in restaurants, and much more! Melodies and good times are things never missing in Los Cabos.

Beautiful landscapes for your holidays!

the arch of cabo san lucas sunset

One of the most beautiful things you can find in a destination like Los Cabos, are wonderful views on the beach, see how the sand and the sea come together to really relax and cheer you up.

The simply awakening, and the blessing to see a beautiful sunrise that comes out over the horizon or a beautiful sunset with the freshness of the sea, is something that’s just priceless.

So.. ¿When will you arrive?