Manual to survive to a multigenerational vacation

Family vacations can create the best memories or at least very funny stories of times when everything went wrong. Making vacations a success is a skill that improves over time but we have these 6 steps to help you survive a multigenerational vacation.

Plan ahead

If you plan ahead, the holidays will be much easier and more relaxed for everyone. researching with time will help you have a clear idea of the activities you would like to do and you will not waste your vacations agreeing with others. Besides, everything will flow more naturally and there will be less margin for error. Having the plane tickets, the hotel booked and some tours planned and paid can make everyone feel more secure and it is also a good technique to reduce costs since paying for everything with little time in advance raises prices. But you should know that even if you have everything “under control” there could always be things that go wrong or that change the itinerary, consider this at all times and do not get frustrated if something didn't work out as you imagined, just remember that traveling with a large group of people can be a challenging sometimes, just relax and go with the flow!

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Include everyone

Planning can be really fun, it makes you feel excited about what is coming and it gets even better when the whole family is included in this task. The fact of traveling with people of different ages allows you to explore different plans that maybe you would not do if you were with people of the same age. Children will want something and adults will want another so the secret is to organize and divide the plans to make everyone happy. In destinations such as Cancun and Los Cabos you will find endless activities that the whole family will enjoy together. Before deciding any activity consider the comfort of everyone and take into account the considerations of each age. Maybe the little ones will not want to walk for hours under the sun and the grandparents will not want to do something extreme. Talk to them about plans that can be comfortable for everyone. Surely children will want to help you with the activities research since they can easily watch videos and pictures or read other travelers reviews online. Everyone will enjoy the trip more if they have the possibility to plan what they'd like to do.

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Breaks are necessary

Not only older adults or children will need to rest, you too. Maybe if you want to do every tour and activity available you will end up needing a vacation to rest from your vacation. It is good for everyone to take a couple of days to rest, be quiet enjoying each other, spend the day in the pool with children, reading a book with a beautiful view and why not, making a well deserved visit to the spa. These plans are the simplest but they can also give you many fun moments having everything under control in a comfortable environment for everyone.

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Everything under control

The All Inclusive system was created precisely to make family vacations easier and it is really a great benefit for your comfort and your family's. The All Inclusive ended with the typical discussions on what to eat on holidays, children will be happy and so will you. You will not have to get away to have a good dinner with your family since at the Club Solaris Resorts you will find delicious restaurants of different specialties in the comfort of your home away from home. During the day you will not have to get far from the beach to eat and you will also have unlimited piña coladas without even leaving the pool. In Club Solaris Resorts you will also find the best entertainment, fun activities to do all day long such as volleyball matches, games in the pool, yoga sessions and of course a lot of activities at the mini club that children love. In the evenings the theater shows will leave you impressed, every night a new show and lots of fun. You don't have to leave the resort to spend wonderful family moments, plus, everything will be under control here. We also recommend you to find comfortable transportation from the airport to the resort and in the tours you take for the convenience of everyone.

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Take the necessary stuff with you

Of course packing when you travel with your family is much more complicated because you have to think about everything that could be needed, but do not worry that much, you don't need to bring up the decoration of the room. The thing is to be practical and carry only what you need. We also recommend you to carry a backpack in which you can have what you need at hand, better if this backpack has different compartments so you can order everything and have easy access when you need it. Some things you could take there are a blanket or sweater that the kids would need if the air conditioning is very cold or if it's windy outside, mosquito repellent, sunblock, baby wipes, antibacterial gel, a hat and many other essential things depending on where you are going. We also recommend you take a basic first aid kit with band-aids, dizziness and headache pills, and those things that can save you from a bad moment. When packing the kids´suitcase you can ask them to help you, surely this will make them feel excited for trip.

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Finally, the best advice we can give you is to enjoy. The moments never return so treasure those in which you have the people you love nearby, especially those days when the goal is to enjoy and discover a new place together. Although family vacations can seem like a disaster sometimes, it is better to be patient with the needs of each member, understand that sometimes the plans will not come out as you imagined and enjoy the mess, that can actually be the funniest memories. A family trip is the best opportunity to enjoy as if you were children, laugh, run, play with them without the slopes of day to day, take advantage of these moments to create the best memories and spend unmatched moments.

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