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Making the best of your Solaris All Inclusive #2

When we go on vacations to an All Inclusive Hotel, we know that everything will be all set for us, from the different delicious dishes that you can eat in the restaurants, to the refreshing drinks you will get at any of the hotel bars.

Although this is true, many of the people on vacations do not visit, the wide variety of restaurants and bars that the resort has to offer

Healthy Dishes

Different Dishes at the Restaurants of Club Solaris Cabos

In the Solaris Family, we have 4 different hotels to which you can go to vacation, which means that you have many possibilities when it comes to choosing which dishes to order or try, from specialty restaurants to buffets, you will have an extensive variety to choose from

We have made a small list of the best-known restaurants of the Solaris Family that you can find and enjoy for your stay while you visit any of our hotels, we can assure, you will find the perfect restaurant for your vacations to be excellent.

Variety To enjoy

Traditional Dishes Sopes at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

From Mediterranean styles, Mexican styles, people looking for something more light, Solaris Hotels always have something to offer and do not hesitate to ask our chefs for a recommendation, they take pride in preparing the best food for your vacations. Rest assure, that they will know which are the best dishes they recommend so you can taste the specialties of the house.

With options for everyone!

Variety of Food at the Buffets in Royal Solaris Los Cabos

It's true that we have a lot of variety in our restaurants, but what if you do not eat meat or cannot eat gluten? It's simple, let us know.

It is for this reason that we have options for all those who are vegan or cannot eat gluten so that they can enjoy the all-inclusive without worries.

Something that we in the Solaris family always keep in mind is the comfort of our Guests, that is why, if you have any doubt, or you want a dish without any sauce, meat or your allergic to some ingredients, don´t hesitate to ask your waiter for some help, we want you to be satisfied with the meal you get.

Which restaurants can I find at the Solaris Hotels?

We'll be presenting you some of the many options you'll be able to find!

Marco Polo

Marco Polo Restaurant at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

One of the best-known restaurants in our hotels, is located in Royal Solaris Los Cabos, Cancun and GR Solaris, here you can find food with delicious dishes, from fine cuts of meat, appetizers prepared with a gourmet style, or the chef selection , we can assure you, you will love it! You just have to make sure you make your reservation so that you are able to enjoy this fantastic restaurant.


Panchos Restaurant at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

This restaurant is only available in Royal Solaris Los Cabos, it will take you to traditional Mexico, with typical dishes of Mexican culture.

If you like to try traditional guacamole, a steak, salads, tostadas, and many other things! This is the right choice.


Rosmarinus Buffet at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

The favorite buffet of the Guests, for its great variety of food, you can find it in Royal Solaris Los Cabos, Royal Solaris Cancun and GR Solaris, here you can have the adventure to taste what you want, from a delicious salad, desserts, soups, among many other things, we know will find your ideal dish for you.


Pizzallisima Restaurant at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

You can find it in Royal Solaris Los Cabos and Royal Solaris Cancun, here you can taste the real Italian flavor. You'll be able to choose from fresh cut ingredients they have to offer and create your own pizza or get one of the traditional ones, and if you visit GR Solaris, you can find Le Cinque Terre Pizza where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a Greek style pizza.

From Pizza to Sushi and Ice Cream!

Sushi at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

When visiting an all-inclusive, we naturally want to enjoy a bit of a relaxing time near the pool or beach, the more time we spend there, the better. It is for this reason that the food that many people love to eat , even the children are the Snacks, Ice Cream and even the Sushi that we have for them.

These can be found in Royal Solaris Los Cabos, Cancun, and GR Solaris, so you can also enjoy a day with a snack before or after passing through one of the restaurants we have for you.

Delight your Palate and your eyes with the Shows!

Night Shows with Buffets at Royqal Solaris Los Cabos

There is also another option to Enjoy food, and not miss out on the entertainment prepared for you on the nightly Shows!

Royal solaris Los Cabos and GR solaris, during the night at the theater have a Buffet dinner specially set up fo that hour, so you can enjoy a eating and drinking, while having a laugh, the way you dont miss out on anything that the Solaris resorts have to offer you to have an unforgettable vacation.

Take advantage of the All Inclusive perfect for you!

Wonderful Restaurants at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Remember that if you reserve and stay at the GR Caribe, you'll be able to enjoy the wonderful restaurants this resort has to offer you, as well as the restaurants that the neighbor hotel Royal Solaris Cancun has ready you, this double the options you have to make your vacations even better!

Now you know, if you are deciding to go on a trip to an all-inclusive hotel, do not forget that with the Solaris Family, you have the opportunity to vacation in the best way and take advantage of your all-inclusive so you can enjoy an unforgettable time.

Make sure to stay tuned for upcoming updates of how you can take advantage of your all-inclusive at the Solaris Hotels.

We'll be waiting for you at Your Home away from Home!

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