Cancun VS Vegas, which one is better

Hello everybody, let me start by saying that 2020 is the year of travel, and I'm eager to share my #solarisexperiences with you all, So I took the task to visit a city that has always been in comparison with Cancun. I'm talking about Vegas.

They Share striking similitudes, all the way down to one of their city Slogans :

What happens in __________ stays in ________

In 2019 both cities were located in the top 50 of most visited in the world, Cancun with 6.1 million visitors, and Vegas with 6.6 million, so let's start reviewing what they got to offer and why people prefer them on their Vacations.


As small as it Seems, Vegas has 273 hotels, from which around 50 or So, are the more popular ones, with their Big Skyscrapers, Casinos, and even Concerts or nightly shows

Cancun, on the other hand, has a big stretch of Land, with fewer Resorts, but with more rooms per each one, located in a privileged zone, with a majestic Beach and Blue Water.

  • Point for Cancun
  • cancun corridor


    Vegas is one of the best spots to see spectacular shows, as their multiple hotels have arenas and stages to perform at, with Residencies from Artists like Celine, Mariah, Paula, and their multiple theaters showcasing singers and dancers, It is the capital of entertainment.

    Cancun has shows, and big-name concerts, maybe not as frequent like Vegas. Still, they do put on a fight, some of them have even surpassed the Vegas ones, like the ones in Coco bongo, also at each Resorts Teather, there is always a spectacle for everyone to enjoy, oh and did I tell you, that at the Solaris Resorts, they are different shows each night, with most of the performers being part of the daily entertainment team.

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  • Free shows

    Several of Vegas main attractions are completely free to the Visitors, something you can enjoy late in the afternoon, with shows like the Dancing Fountains, the volcano Eruption and the Fall of Atlantis, with everything, perform by Computers controlling, Water fire and animatronics, light and sound show, quite impressive.

    Meanwhile, in Cancun, the Open public shows don't attract too much of crowds, as they are small, and sometimes hidden, like the dancing water fountains in plaza la Isla or light shows at Kukulcan mall.

  • Point for Vegas
  • Beach Clubs

    Well, you might ask, what is Vegas doing in this category, if there is no beach or lagoon near it, Well, the concept has revolutionized into a place of gather around the pool, where people can enjoy during the day or night the best music and pool entertainment, with some of the best ones being at brand name hotels like Encore beach club, or Drais at the Cromwell. From time to time, guest Celebrity DJs drop by to play at nights.

    Cancun has a lot of Beach, but not a lot of Beach clubs, also with the best parties on day and night, and sometimes hard to get in lines, the fun will be there, but because of the options are limited, it does take off a couple of points.

  • Point for Vegas
  • Nightclubs

    The nightlife in Vegas is as bright as its life, with Discos, beach clubs, and bars all over the place; it is a city that never sleeps; there is always something for everyone.

    Cancun is not that Far Behind, with having some of the most amazing Nightclubs and Bars in the Hotel Zone, where thousands go out at night to have a drink or party like rockstars.

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  • cancun night club


    Its Vegas, so the all American Food can be found practically everywhere, with signature restaurants from well know chefs, and great buffets, there is a wide variety to choose from, The con, everything has a price, a very steep one for that matter, as an average meal here is between 15 and 30 USD without drinks.

    Cancun's cuisine, is also Extensive, with local dining, and international one, the options are endless. The pricing is on an average $12 to 23 USD per meal, On the plus side, most Resorts are Allinclusive like Club Solaris Cancun, and there you can eat breakfast lunch and dinner without spending anything else.

  • Point for Cancun
  • Attractions

    As a City that never sleeps, most of the best things to do are at nighttime, don't get me wrong, you can do excursions to hoover dam, Red rock, ghost town, or a museum of two, the city is designed to provide some daytime activities too, the only issue here is, most of them are open-air, so if you go in the summer months, the heatwave is very harsh. If you go in the wintertime, the Temperatures are very low ( and still with a bright sun on top of you).

    On the other hand, Cancun and its natural beauty, has hundreds of eco-friendly theme parks, Ruins, zoos, and museums, something for every member of the family, and yes, most of them are also open-air activities, with the advantage of Being in Cancun, and always having a fresh sea breeze refreshing you.

  • Point for Cancun
  • Casinos

    When we talk about Stakes and Gambling, everybody has Vegas on their minds, there's a Casino or Slot machine, right around every corner, heck there are even slot machines inside the airport, and that's a big reason, why whenever there is a big sporting event, the city is crowded, or even host the best boxing and MMA fights. Will you be the lucky one to hit that jackpot, just remember the House never looses.

    They are a few casinos in Cancun, and there are none inside the resorts, so the odds of winning are very slim, still, if you want to place a bet on any sporting event, you're free to do it, also remember the stakes here are less, as the wagers are low.

  • Point for Vegas
  • Transportation

    Even ought the vegas strip, seems so close, it isn't, believe me, I love to walk, and couldn't finish walking once the whole 4.2 miles. The reason is just as simple, there are many stops in between, and pictures to be taken, that it's exhausting, now the RTC bus system is a bit complicated if you're not a local, the buses are very nice ( and have free wifi) but the routes even with the app, are confusing, on the other hand, the monorail on the back of the hotels are much simpler, as it goes one way, the only issue is the stations are behind the hotels and are a bit sketchy to get there, so never travel alone, now Taxis and Ubers are available. If you wish to take them, it's ok, just budget at least 30 to 50 USD daily for those trips. Now, if you rent a car, you need to find out what are the parking rates at your hotel, and if they even have a parking lot, No hotel in vegas as free parking, and that's a big problem

    The city of Cancun hay such a simple way of transportation, one boulevard, Two bus lines, that run each way, there's no getting lost, and they do stops every minute or so. Taxis are very transparent, as on each motor lobby they have a list of destinations and pricing, even tho there's a bad reputation of overcharging, that's a lie, as they have specific rates, that go from 10 to 25 USD to different point of the hotel zone. If you're wondering about how to get to the theme parks when you schedule your tickets at the Sol ha agency, most of them include roundtrip transportation from the front of your hotel room, now renting a car to drive on your own is cheap, and easy to do, all of the hotels have free parking lot for their guests.

  • Point for Cancun
  • Street performers

    Day and night, you will always find a street performer or simply a showgirl or Elvis impersonator on the street, either on the Strip or at Freemont street, an excellent way to get a picture or two, don't forget to tip them.

    Cancun also has its street performers, based mostly on the shopping malls and the party center, quite as enthusiastic with characters as the midget Mask, spiderman, batman, and even transformers, They do some crazy stuff in the pictures for you. Also, a tip is a must.

  • Tie
  • Weather

    First of all, let me remind everyone that the City of Las Vegas, is located in the middle of the Nevada Dessert, so the temperature there's whos form one side to another, in each of the seasons, meaning that in winter you have lows of 30 degrees. The highs have registered up to 109 degrees, and since its Dry, the heat waves are almost impossible to bear, and during the cold days, the windchill hits your face harshly, believe me, I was there less than a month ago.

    Cancun, has impressive weather, don't be fooled, winter does come here, but the average temperature is 75 degrees, and in summer goes up to mid-90s, yes it's humid, and you might break a sweat, but you have the blue sea, and the pools to cool down.

  • Point for Cancun
  • Taxes and tips

    The state of Nevada has a gambling tax imposed to the resorts, that goes up to $40 per room per night, which at the end of the day will elevate your overall expenses, tips for almost every service have to be given, as they are not included.

    Cancun has an environmental Tax that has to be covered at check-in, it's only $1.50 per room per night, not much of a payment overall, and Members have it already included on their yearly rate. Tips are included at Club Solaris resorts, so no need to worry about it, although if someone provides you exceptional service, you can tip them something extra.

  • Point for Cancun

  • There you have it, the final decision is yours, we provide you some awesome facts about both Destinations, that might lean you towards a great summer or winter vacation if you do decide to come to Cancun, Remember to do it at Solaris Resorts, where everything for a great stay is available at the palm of your hand.