Solaris Club: Where Being a Member is a Lifestyle.

As you may already know, Club Solaris offers an exclusive membership program that gives you a noticeable improvement in your vacation at any of its resorts. As a member of Club Solaris, you will enjoy personalized treatment from your personalized telephone agent and your personal concierge when you are on vacation; besides enjoying unforgettable experiences. Keep reading to discover all the benefits and how you can be part of Club Solaris.

What is the difference between Club Solaris and the Royal Solaris Hotel?

The difference between Club Solaris and Hoteles Solaris is that Club Solaris is a membership program that offers discounts, benefits and exclusive services to its members complementary to the all-inclusive, while Hoteles Solaris offers simpler services and amenities both in its rooms and amenities.

It is the ideal option for families looking for an affordable and fun-filled vacation. Club Solaris members have access to special rates, discounts on services, activities, and additional benefits, such as free airport transportation* and free Wi-Fi.

*minimum stay of 6 nights

Club Solaris VIP treatment All inclusive

You and enhanced vacation experience

Club Solaris membership will take your vacation experience to the next level, such as:

  • Priority reservations.
  • Exclusive Discounts on Reservations and services at the hotel.
  • Special rooms for members.
  • Gala dinner.
  • Exclusive bars and restaurants.
  • Telephone agent and personalized concierge.
  • Complimentary free tour.
  • Rewards Program.
  • Welcome party.
  • Exclusive amenities in the room.

Membership Benefits

Priority reservations.

As a member, we guarantee you have priority over other future guests when booking your vacation* at any of our 4 hotels. This is quite useful during holiday seasons, where rooms are scarce.

*Having priority is not the same as guaranteeing a reservation on blackout dates or outside the contracted season.

Exclusive Discounts on Reservations.

When you book your vacation in advance, you get discounts of 20%, 15% and 10%. The further in advance you make your reservation, the greater the discount! As well as discounts of up to 20% on selected SPA services.

Discounts on Excursions

Our mission is to provide you with unique vacation experiences, which is why we offer you exclusive discounts on excursions so that you can explore your tourist destination outdoors in every way.

Rewards Program

To get discounts on your reservations, you also can get Solycoin Credits (1 SolyCoin = $1 USD) to pay for future vacations with our referral program. Invite your friends to live the Club Solaris experience.

Special Rooms

Better views, more space, more amenities. Our members have access to exclusive and comfortable rooms, where they can relax and spend more quality time with their family and friends.

Gala dinners and welcome parties.

To celebrate your arrival, we offer exclusive events for our members, where they can dine and have fun with live shows and of course, mingle and make new friends as part of the Club Solaris family.

Complimentary free tour.

As part of your welcome, we organize a weekly tour for members only, whether you visit the arch and snorkel in the capes, or visit water parks and/or archaeological ruins in Cancun, making your vacation a unique experience.

*Available for stays of at least 6 nights.

Members Bar

In our Premier bars, our members have a space where our members can chat, enjoy premium drinks, cocktails and mixology while relaxing in a spectacular atmosphere.

Telephone agent and personalized concierge.

You will always have help, before, during and after your vacation with your dedicated telephone agent from your home or with your concierge during your stay, so you can clarify your doubts, learn more about the destination and help you with restaurant reservations.

club solaris members accommodations

Dedicated Social Networks.

So that you are always aware of everything that is happening in your home away from home,you will have access to our private networks where you will know the latest news, interact in dynamics and get exclusive promotions for our partners.

How to be part of Club Solaris?

If you want to become a member of Club Solaris and unlock all these exclusive benefits, the first step is to contact us, and make a reservation by phone, so you can come and enjoy these benefits, yes! You can get some of these benefits before becoming a member! Once at the hotel, your personalized concierge will guide you through the process so you can enjoy all the benefits on your next vacation.

Now that you know all the benefits of being part of the Club, what are you waiting for to make your reservation and come live with a unique vacation experience?