Los Cabos the Destination for your Vacations!

Everytime you think of Los Cabos, there is nothing else that comes to your mind than the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas, a rock formation that impresses everyone who sees it, at the end of the Baja Californian Peninsula, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean find meet each other.

A beach next to a desert, where the sun always shines and the sea breeze refreshes you while you enjoy a walk on the shore.

At Los Cabos you will discover the perfect places for tourism, there is no need to go far to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or a romantic sunset like nowhere in the world. Since you can find it right on the beach!

Take the time to explore the tourist centers, beaches, and attractions that this gorgeous destination has to offer, you could discover new and unique things anywhere you go.

Here you will find restaurants which serve organic food, with meals that will be prepared at the moment with fresh ingredients from the gardens or with seafood that was recently caught, you can not expect less from a wonderful destination like Los Cabos.

You do not believe it? Here we have some facts for you!

aereal view of the arch in cabo san lucas mexico

The Page "10 Best the USA Today", chose this past March 6th Los Cabos as one of the best destinations in its Article:

"This is why Los Cabos is irresistible any time of year."

- Written by Joanne Dibona

And that is not all, if you have reviewed our blog before, you surely read that The New York Times chose Cabos among the best destinations to visit this 2018!

Would you like to enjoy an afternoon on the beach? Chileno!

chileno beach los cabos mexico

One of the best beaches you can find in Los Cabos is the Chileno beach. It is located between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, famous because of its calm and pleasant waters, which are excellent for swimming and snorkeling.

With a wooden path to access the beach and a showers to use afterwards, this is a must visit for your vacations here!

A perfect place to travel in Family

family looking to the sea of cortez in los cabos mexico

Calm beaches with fresh water with an excellent coast for picnics, swimming and even snorkeling.

You can enjoy a nice swim under the sun or learn and watch about sea creatures in the different tours that are waiting for you

Travel back in time in Los Cabos

main square at todos santos baja sur mexico

Have ever wanted to be in presence of the "Old Mexico"? Lucky you!, you fill find that and more in Los Cabos, where you will be able to see and live the traditions of this wonderful destination.

Make sure to visit the plazas in the centre, where you can explore the galleries, see the pieces of art and culture of this place, while you listen to live music performed by Mexican artists.

And if you feel like exploring more, there are guided tours where you can travel with more people, one of the most interesting ones is the "Todos Santos" Tour, in which you will visit a real and traditional mexican town, you will see how mexican traditions are still alive.

Los Cabos is for lovers

Man carrying his couple in front of the sea

If you are looking for a place to enjoy with your special someone, this is a perfect place for you two to explore together and discover the wonders that this destination has for you.

You can enjoy a romantic night under the moon light or visit the different traditional restaurants, watch the galleries and even find your new favorite place.

There is a reason why many people in Hollywood decide to stay in this place and get married in Los Cabos. It's just perfect for love.

Better Destination than many others!

royal solaris los cabos pool at the sunrise

If you are planning to visit any other destinations for their beaches, make sure to consider Los Cabos, since there has to be a reason of wht it has been selected as one of the best destinations by many different pages and blogs, because of its beatuiful and exotic plants and its tropical climate, which turns this place into the Perfect Paradise.

There is no better way to enjoy a day than being at the beach, and if we add beautiful views to it, it becomes a unforgettable experience.

There are many more things for you to discover!

prehispanic dancers at art walk in san jose del cabo mexico

We have mentioned just a few things that you could find in Los Cabos. since the list would be very long if we tried to metnion all of them, we told you the most popular ones, but we need you to help us find more!

That's why we ask you

What is the most beautiful experience, you have ever had in Los Cabos?

And if you have not visited us yet, what are you waiting for?