Top 10 things to do in los cabos in 2017

Which of this 10 things to do in Los Cabos will you plan for your 2017 Los Cabos Vacations?

1.-   Stroll the Art Walk at the Gallery District.(Free)

Just behind the historic church, in the heart of San Jose del Cabo, you can find the Gallery District, where this great event takes place every Thursday evening (5-9pm) from October until June.

Stroll the cobbled streets of the Gallery District during the Art Walk and visit the galleries, meet the artists on site, listen to live music and relish an excellent dinner in one of the many restaurants available.

10 things to do in los cabos - Art Walk

2.-   Taking a relaxing sunbath at Santa Maria Beach.(Free)

Santa Maria is a cove is located in the touristic corridor and is the perfect spot for snorkeling, it has plenty of sea life and is not crowded like other beaches.

Santa Maria Beach is Blue Flag certified so you can be sure it is a clean and secure place for a restful family day.

10 things to do in los Cabos - Santa Maria Beach

Before you go:
  • Be sure to take with you enough water, and some snacks since there are not restaurants around.
  • Arriving early in the morning ensure you the chance to use one of the palapas for shadow.
  • Take extra money with you if you want to rent a kayak or try some flyboarding.

3.-   Get in contact with nature with a mountain bike adventure.($$)

Ecotourism is booming all around the world, and Los Cabos is not the exception. Biking Los Cabos is the perfect activity for all the family, no matter if you are an experienced or first timer mountain biker, your family will love the outback of Cabo riding trails with great overlooking the Pacific.

During this adventure, your guide will show you some flora and fauna from the Baja: Foxes, Deer, Ospreys, and if you do this activity on the season, you may even see humpback whales offshore.

After some free time at the beach, you will get a delicious Mexican meal accompanied with delicious, refreshing flavored water, and if you are in the mood, why not to enjoy a celebratory tequila for the effort of the day.

10 things to do in Los Cabos - Mountain Bike

Before you go:
  • Are you more than 5ft. tall?
  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear, don't forget your sunglasses.
  • Don't forget your Sunscreen and insect repeller.
  • Bring extra money for Photos. (You will be able to take your own pictures only on certain places.)

4.-   Fish your Dinner at the Sea of Cortes.($$$)

If you come to Cabo and do not go fishing, let me tell that you didn't come to Cabo at all. As you may know, Cabo San Lucas is Host of one of the biggest and richest fishing tournament in the world, for the spectacular range and quality of species to catch all year round.

It is almost mandatory to schedule one day of your vacations to sail offshore and get some fishing action, who knows, maybe you are about to broke one weight record.

10 things to do in Los Cabos - Fishing

Before you go:
  • Use and bring your sunscreen
  • If you caught protected species, please do a responsible release.
  • Cash would be helpful to tip the captain and crew if they did a good job.

5-.   Swing into the action Golfing in the best courses.($$$)

Along the fishing, Golf is a must. Cabo offers you world class courses with different slopes so you can challenge your score or just relax while enjoying the perfect weather and the stunning views.

The Golf courses in Los Cabos were designed by prominent names on this sport such: Tom Fazio, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Robert Trent Jones jr., Roy Dye and Davis love III.

If you have limited vacation time, it will be kind of difficult to choose just one golf course because all of them are excellent options and each one has something special to offer you.

10 things to do in los cabos - Golfing

Before you go:
  • Reserve your tee time at least 1 day before, Golf courses are busy all year round.
  • Do some stretching before going out the resort, you will be more relaxed while doing elongation at the course.
  • Use sunscreen

6.-   Dare to hike Mt. Solmar, you will not regret it.(Tipping)

If the hike is your thing, don't forget to reach the top of Mt. Solmar, a beautiful outdoor adventure that will let you admire a unique and spectacular view of the land's End that will let you out of breath.

After a three hour hiking, You can climb down to the south side of the Mt. Solmar and get the best reward for effort, step in the divorce and lovers beach.

10 things to do in los cabos - Hike Mt. Solmar

Before you go:
  • The access to Mt. Solmar is trough the Dog kennel located at the end of the principal street of Cabo San Lucas and is an easily recognizable yellow building.
  • Tip the Dog kennel owner. He is letting you start your hike from his property.
  • Wear comfortable shoes; the hike is a bit scramble.
  • Bring enough water with you.
  • Extra money is useful so you can return in a water taxi from lovers beach.
  • Don't swim in the divorce beach and be extremely careful swimming in lover's beach.

7.-   Meet the other face of Los Cabos enjoying its Nightlife.($$$)

There is an extensive list of nightclubs in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo where yo can enjoy the night, but just a few great tradition nightclubs who are always waiting for the nightcrawlers who look for a long night party.

You can either visit each Club separately or take one of the many crawl tours available and hit many clubs during the night, but the ones that you can miss:

Cabo Wabo is the perfect example of this. A superb place to finish the night listening live rock bands, and if you are lucky to watch the legend Sammy Hagar, on stage.

Squid Roe is a three story building structure full of ambiance and fun. Despite the fact that it has no dance floor, all the place is a party zone; It has 28 years providing exceptional experiences to all the tourists who don't hesitate in returning whenever they can.

10 things to do in los cabos - Nightlife

Before you go:
  • Be sure you had proper hydration during the day.
  • Wear comfortable and semi-formal, so you can grant your entrance to almost every place you want.
  • Eat something light before going out to avoid to feel dizzy early.
  • If you are not a DJ, don't mix. mixing alcoholic beverages, this only will get you the worst hangover, stick to one or two.
  • Don`t drink and drive. there is plenty taxis to take you safely to your Cabo Resort.

8.-   Visit Todos Santos, a magic town on the Pacific side.($$)

Located 2 hours heading north Cabo San Lucas you will find this small town, in where is found the Famous "Hotel California" Which is believed to be the inspiration for the famous song of the group Eagles.

Despite your thoughts for a small town, there is plenty of cultural activities all year round, so whenever you arrive, you will find something to do, listen or watch.

Don't miss the Pacific Bluffs Hike hike and discover another face of Baja California. It's a good 3 hours walk where at the end, you will find a small cove called San Pedro, where you can have lunch, swim and relax on this beautiful beach and visit the estuary surrounded by palm trees and sightsee the bird life.

10 things to do in los cabos - todos santos

Before you go:
  • Eat something light at your Cabo Resort
  • Be ready to take a lot of pictures.
  • Bring cash for souvenirs, art and restaurants

9.-   Discover one of the 3 living Coral Reefs left on North America at Cabo Pulmo.($$)

Between La Paz and San Jose del Cabo is located Cabo Pulmo, the most important and beautiful area of the Sea of Cortes. Named National Park because it has the only the coral reef on the Sea of Cortes and the diversity of sea life that holds.

Discover the marvels of the biggest aquarium in the world, by diving or learning to dive, in this paradisiac spot.

10 things to do in los cabos - cabo pulmo

Before you go:
  • Be sure you had proper hydration during the day.
  • Wear comfortable and semi-formal, so you can grant your entrance to almost every place you want.
  • Eat something light before going out to avoid to feel dizzy early.
  • If you are not a DJ, don't mix. mixing alcoholic beverages, this only will get you the worst hangover, stick to one or two.
  • Don`t drink and drive. there is plenty taxis to take you safely to your Cabo Resort.

10.-   Come and say hello to our biggest visitors: Whales.($$)

The favorite activity for everyone who comes between December 15 and April 15. Witness Humpback and Gray whale population arrive at the Sea of Cortes, one of the most intact seas in the world.

You can see from a distance some whales from the beach or take one of the many whale watching tours departing from Cabo San Lucas.

If you are more adventure type, take a short flight from Cabo San Lucas to Bahia Magdalena, to take a close look at the whales and their calfs.

10 things to do in los cabos - whale watching

Before you go:
  • Use and bring sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays
  • Use a light sweater, that will help you cover from the sunlight and won't be too hot
  • Bring a small towel so you have something to wipe out off your sweat from adventuring

Beyond the 10 things to do in Los Cabos:

The Arch Los Cabos emblem. Make a space in your relaxed vacation agenda to take a tour to see and get your memory picture in front the Land's End.

The Atv's tour is an outdoor experience that you have to experience, especially if you ask for Migriño tour, where you will drive through cliffs, the desert, and Migriño Beach.

The gastronomy in Los Cabos is wide diverse, you can find excellent regional cuisine and from almost all parts of the word, so don't be afraid and go out there and step in the various restaurants to show your

Seeing all these incredible activities, are you ready to start planning your next Los Cabos vacation? Come to Royal Solaris Los Cabos All Inclusive Resort we are waiting for you!.