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The 5 Places you should visit in Cancun's Hotel Zone

Cancun is a beautiful city with many attractions that are absolutely worth visiting, the five that we mention below are located in the hotel zone, so getting to them will be very easy. Enjoy!

1. El Mirador

Without a doubt, one of the Best memories you take with you, when you go to a beach, is the traditional beach photo, with the incredible blue see, as a backdrop, and of course you will have multiple of those, when you travel with us to Solaris Resorts in Cancun.

One of the pictures you don't want to miss, it's the Photos at EL Mirador in Cancún, that spectacular lookout point on top of a hill, with a panoramic view of the caribbean sea with its characteristic Turquoise blue, An area magníficly adapted for your commodity with a wooden terrace, Palapas, bathrooms, parking lot, playground and trampolines for the kids, and an access to Playa Delfines beach.

That's not all, here you will find the Colorful Destination letters spelling CANCÚN, with the Caribbean sea as the background , you don't want t o miss a picture here, one of the best time to do so, is at sundown, as their letters light up with Different colours, so you will have a beautiful contrast between the Caribbean sea, the Sunset and the lights of light up Cancun letters

El Mirador de Cancun

2. El Rey archaeological site

Even though El Rey is not as big as Chichen Itza or the Tulum ruins, it is definitely worth knowing. El Rey is an archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Mayan culture that is located at km.18 of the hotel zone of Cancun, just a mile and a half away from the Solaris Resorts.

The original Mayan name of this site is unknown, the name El Rey comes from the sculpture of a monarch, the head of the sculpture is preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Cancun.

El Rey is the most important archaeological site on the island of Cancun and it is made up of 47 structures. A that served as a trading outpost and for fishing activities. Remains of mural paintings and drawings associated with the Mayan rituals of the postclassic period have been found there.

El Rey Cancun

3. La Isla shopping mall

This shopping mall is the most beautiful in the city, if you want to shop or just go for a walk, eat something or have an ice cream, La Isla is the right place. Starting with having a lot of options for restaurants, shops, bars and entertainment. In addition, it is a very nice, large and open-air shopping center, so walking around it is quite pleasant. the backend of the plaza has a pier at the Nichupté lagoon, so the best time to go definitely at sunset that is in the lagoon side, is a show of red and orange colors in the sky. La Isla shopping mall also has the interactive aquarium of Cancun that children will surely love; a movie tethar if you prefer to watch a blockbuster; multiple ¨dancing¨ fountains, and Light shows at nighttime.

la isla cancun

4. Coral Negro

When you're out on vacations, you always want to bring back something, to have as a reminder of your trip,some people prefer a Tshirt, others keychains, even some ceramic sculptures, and one option to find all of this is the Coral Negro Flea market, conveniently located at half way the hotel Zone, It's an excellent choice to go out shopping, without traveling too far, there you can find a wide variety like Mexican sombreros, shirts, jewelry, toys, Sarapes and all the traditional mexican souvenirs. with a variety of stores inside the market, you're surely will find the perfect gift to bring back home.

coral negro cancun

5. Ventura park

In this unique 7 acre multipark with an ocean view you will spend a whole day of fun, adrenaline and adventure because it has 7 worlds all together: Wet'n Wild, the Amazing waterpark with slides and a pool with actual waves; Aaah-Ventura, the park for the adrenaline rush, as it has zip lines and bungees ; FunWorld, the park for the little ones, with rollercoasters and carousels; Grand Prix, Total Fun in this Go Cart race track next to the Ocean; UnderWorld, the incredible Technological world that has Virtual Reality and Laser tags; Dolphinaris the adventure of Swimming with dolphins and other sea animals and beach club Beach Oh to be able to relax and enjoy a drink, or the Buffet!

It is located at the end of the hotel zone, so arriving will be quite easy from the Solaris Resorts in Cancun. In this amusement park the whole family will spend a wonderful day, jumping on the slides, swimming in the wave pool or trying the full buffet.

ventura park cancun

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