New to Mexico vacations?

Here is what you should keep in mind!

There is no specific things to do when Traveling out of the country, Today we would like to give you some recommendations that will help you ease your trip when coming to any of our Solaris Resorts. Of course feel free to add anything else you feel that we missed.

Essentials you will need

En el Aeropuerto listo para salir de Vacaciones

Paperwork: A valid Passport, Mexico does not require the 6 month validity rule, but make sure your passport at least covers a day or two after your return back home. also verify that your passport is not damage or seems altered or you could be back home before the vacation starts.

Valid ID with address, passports don't have it, they have only birthplace, Flight documents ( now a days with the e- ticket is more than enough ) printed shuttle confirmation, Hotel confirmation printed.

Extra: purchase a travel insurance, it comes in handy in case the airline loses your luggage, or in case you have a medical emergency, and need to be treated in a hospital.

Having physical copies of your documents can be very helpful, specially when you don't have WIFI connection, or you can also scan or take a picture of them, to carry with you, either you email them to yourself or a friend, or you can upload it to the cloud.

Make sure you let know your Bank that you're going to be out of the country and for how long, and you might buy things to bring back, is always useful to have Credit Cards, with enough balance, to cover any incidentals, although the Hotels in Club Solaris are all inclusive, there's always an extra tour, or present you might want to purchase. As a safety precaution, save all the phone numbers from your banks to block your card in case you lose it.

Verify with your phone carrier, the coverage, outside your country. and any extra charges, most phone companies, offer you special out of the country plans, just remember you will be subject to the network of the Country, not all of them are 4G.

Esperando el vuelo para salir de vacaciones

Carry on Bag:

Our Handbag or backpack should be filled with essentials things, valuables and electronics like cameras, tablet / Laptop,, some Earplugs, or headsets. Bring a portable charger ( try the ones that give you 2 charges - 5000 mAh.

A change of clothes, with the basics for delayed luggage arrival, don't forget to bring a sweater, neck pillow and an extra pair of socks, most of the times planes are cold, speaking of socks, try using compression socks, your feet will thank you, since they avoid the swelling.

Keep your documents near the top of your Carry on, and i'm going to give you a lifesaver : always carry a pen, you'll thank me when you see all the people trying to fill immigration and customs forms, once the plane has landed.

Inside your luggage:

Preparando las maletas para salir de Vacaciones

Comfortable clothes, Bathing suits / bikinis, sandals, sunglasses, Tennis shoes, sporting clothes, a pair of long pants and polo shirts, and a pair of close toe shoes (you might want to go out a night out to town) and our A la Carte restaurants require this.

Pack things that you can combine, don't overpack, and roll the clothes instead of folding them, stuff socks inside your shoes is a must. Put the heavier items close to the bottom / wheels, that will balance the weight and make it easy to pull.

Always bring an extra phone charger, or a power strip, sometimes hotels are short on them, and it's very convenient when you have two adults with 2 phones, 2 laptops and 2 cameras, and only one plug. Try also using the USB ports on the back of the hotel TV as an additional charging station

Use the Fragile stickers on all of your checked luggage, that way airport personal will handle it with care - as they usually put them on the top of the piles inside the airplane, and are the first bags out of the baggage claim.

Want to keep track of your Bags, purchase TILE, this small tag can be followed by its app up to 100 feet, or if your luggage didn't arrive, just go inside the user network to see its last location, no leaving your suitcase unattended anymore.

Extras that could be very helpful:

Organizando las Maletas para salir de Viaje

Duck tape ( small roll) in case any of your suitcases tear, you can also use it alongside any clothes on the way back to wrap any fragile items you put on your checked bag. Zip ties, locking your luggage zippers with key locks is a thing of the past, use color zip ties, that way you can track if they were damped or not. they are very helpful for a lot of things.

A travel mug, for coffee or Drinks ( I recommend the insulated ones, like Yeti, Ozark or Rtic ) since our hotels are All inclusive, all drinks are already included, lets help the environment by using our same cup.

Safety pins, a thread and needle,you never know what kind of mishaps you might have. a tote bag, very practical to use, you can bring it on your carry on, and when time comes to put it on the overhead bin, you can store the basic things you'll need for your trip in there, also when coming back, it can be use as a dirty laundry tote, just don't forget to fold and compact everything, and hey the Zip ties, can also come handy here

Get yourself a compact Bluetooth speaker, that can be clip with a zip line snap hook, you can be listening to music and be aware of your surroundings at anytime, either jogging by the beach, or just laying down on a sun tan bed.

Technology is your best friend on trips

Aplicaciones en el Celular para hacer tus Vacaciones mucho mejor

Yes, as you heard it, a smartphone, with enough storage space, can be very helpful on trips. Downloading the following apps can save you time and money, just like:

TSA App: Airport security lines and wait times can be seen here. saves you time

Airline App: You can see your flight status. cancellations, delays at your airport or connecting flights

Loungebuddy App: Want to sneak in with the VIP and enjoy the perks, this apps allows you to, based on a membership, or tells you if your Credit cards or airline mileage gives you rewards

Netflix App: has a download feature, that can let you watch selected movies and tv shows, without an internet connection. Just look for the Available for download menu and start browsing.

Nearify App: A cool app, that uses your location to find out sports and concerts nearby, festivals and much more. Yes you need to be connected to WIFI for this one. Once you start using it, it can have a trend and only show you things you're interested in

Duolingo App: Want to learn the native language?, you can do it with this application by answering easy games and exercises.

Google Translate App: can help you communicate everywhere you go, there's also an offline translation, where you can download the language to your phone.

Disfrutando de la Playa en tus Vacaciones

Rome2rio App: it's the app that will get you from your Clubs solaris hotel to any site seeing destination and back, it will also show you different options to get there, and cool things to do along the way.

Google maps: Latest version can help you save the map areas directly to your phone, just go to the area you wish to save and type ¨OK map¨ and just download the area

Foursquare: Not only to leave reviews about the places that you visit, but has a lot of tips of the zone you are, you can even find WIFI passwords for available networks nearby.

7 minute Workout App: Your exercise buddy, with 20 preset workouts on the go, with different intensities or duration.

BONUS: Less is more ! when you think about packing something on your suitcase that you know you could purchase where you go like tanning lotion, insect repellent or batteries, just don't pack them, there is always stores on site or nearby, remember this will benefit also the local economy, and avoids over packing and having to pay extra at the airline counter.

I hope that the differents recommendations and advices I shared with you will be of help, and if you know some that we didn't mention, please share them with us, as well with others who you know will be traveling soon, so that way, we all can enjoy a perfect vacation.