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Celebration of International Hamburger Day

The origins of the hamburger are uncertain and controversial as many claim to have been the creator of this delicious snack of ground beef between two bread slices.

What we know is that it was created in Hamburg at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century and it was born from the culinary needs of a society that, due to its recent industrialization, had a faster pace of life.

Today, the hamburger is an icon of the American cuisine of the "fast food" type

Hamburguer eating contest in Royal Solaris Cancun

Yesterday, May 28, we celebrated the delicious International Burger Day at Royal Solaris Cancun and Royal Solaris GR Caribe as this day should be celebrated, eating many burgers!

We started at 11 o'clock in the morning to whet the appetite with a trivia about the most famous hamburgers, at 12 o'clock a thrilling contest was held at Royal Solaris Cancun, where the contestant who eat three hamburgers faster wins.

The participants were 4 men and one girl, the winner was Cesar from Colombia, who also mentioned that he already had breakfast.

Chefs at Royal Solaris Cancun

At one o'clock in the afternoon our members and guests became chefs with a cooking course on the grill where they prepared delicious hamburgers of course

A little later the biggest hamburger ever came to Royal Solaris Cancun our food and beverage management made mega burgers that surely had to be eaten by two or three since each, since they measure approximately 20 cm in diameter.

Hamburger from Royal Solaris Cancun

On this special day, special burgers for everyone, meat, chicken, fish and even vegetarian so none of our members and guests would be left out. For dessert, a sweet hamburger to finish the celebration.

All our members and guests enjoyed a day of fun and delicious food.

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