Cancun-Isla Mujeres Open water swim

Cancun is host to various sporting events a year, once again, for the beauty of the city and the easy international access, the El Cruce 2019 Open Water Swimming Tournament was held. This is associated with WOWSA (World Open Water Association).

The event last weekend marked the 14th edition of El Cruce, with the participation of athletes from 24 states of Mexico; as well as competitors from 18 countries, among others, the United States, Argentina, Canada, Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Panama, Martinique and Colombia.

Between 2 days, and 3 different competitions were held, and was attended by 1200 swimmers approximately, who in their path in the open sea had to move from Cancun to Isla Mujeres.

El Cruce competition in Cancun


The starting point was the Caracol beach in Cancun and the finishing point on the Beach Club of the Caribbean Carnival, at Isla Mujeres.

As we mentioned before, there were 2 days of competition, Saturday the 25th with the Cancún Mile competition only a mile swim and the Iron swim that were 3.8 kilometers swim for the sirens and tritons. For these 2 the starting point was on isla mujeres with marine buoys that marked the return route.

On Sunday, the event that belongs to one of the 15 most important in the world of swimming: El Cruce 2019, with a total distance of 10 km, and with starting line at Caracol beach, with a maritime escort at all times by a kayaks club and anchored boats that provides hydration and first aid, if necessary.

Both days the competitions were held at 9:00 am in 3 different branches, Men's, Women's and Fins, those who participated in the latter, could not get on the podium, only receive participation medal.

Within the organization of this event, all competitors were offered a previous dinner called carbohydrates, is well known in high-performance athlete that a day before a competition like this, one should be loaded with carbohydrates, to be able to support the endurance of the task.

Winners of the Competition in Cancun


    Mile category with a timing 39:58 min:

  • 1.-Christian Avila Sanchez
  • 2.-Altman Cillian Patrick
  • 3.-Bill Ireland Ernest
  • In the Iron Swim Category with a time of 1:01 hr:

  • 1.- Sandra Frimerman
  • 2.- Federico Hill Cruz
  • 3.- Becky Sigman
  • The Men's Branch of El Cruce 2019 with a time of 2:01 hr

  • 1.- Arturo Rosales de México
  • 2.- Daniel Cansancao from Brazil
  • 3.- Rafael Trejo of Mexico
  • The Female Branch of El Cruce 2019 with a time of 2:11 hr

  • 1.- Sandra Frimerman of Minnesota
  • 2.- Abigail Bergman of Los Angeles
  • 3.- Natasha Sondon, from Mar de plata

Swimming on the competition El Cruce in Cancun

Charity work

Like the great majority of events, donations are also collected to help the community, this year it was the Malix non profit, an association for the sterilization of street animals and Lyuba, a dog volunteered to make the journey of 10 km, aboard an inflatable tire, accompanying his owner Cesar Barrios a professional swimmer, in order to raise $ 25,000 pesos in favor of the cause.

Do not worry, the dog is used to water and to swim with its owner, alongside a boat was with them at all times with a veterinarian and water to keep them hydrated.

Once again Cancun is at the forefront of tourism destinations, attracting sporting and cultural events like this, we hope that on your next visit, see what's happening and if you wish to participate, if not, go and support these athletes, more That's enough