How can I have a better vacation?

This is something that we all have asked ourselves when wanting to go on vacation.

Today we bring to you a guide so that your trip to our beautiful destination in Los Cabos is perfect.

Travel with only the essential

travel with the escential

We know that when we travel we tend to want to take as much as we can with us, but that is not always good because if we are wanting to take the dog with us we will just end up more stressed than we should be.

Because when we travel we want to relax right? So one of the most important recommendations for you is, travel with only what you need, do not carry things that you know you will not use, you will not use 15 pairs of socks or 5 pairs of shoes when going on vacation.

Prepare everything ahead of time

early booking is a cheaper way to travel

One of the biggest problems when traveling is not taking the time to prepare our things, and I mean to prepare our luggage beforehand, so we can be ready when leaving to the airport, avoiding having to find the ideal dress or the best shirt all at the last minute.

Because after all if you are still stressing before even going on vacation, you are not doing so well.

Secure your reservation

The check in at the hotel in cabo

When we go to make reservations for the hotel we plan on staying at we always second doubt it, for what though? ... why do we look for more stress?

The best thing you can do to have your vacations and reservations secure in any place is to do it directly with the company, hotel, etc.

Having your place insured by the same people who will assist you when you arrive is the best, as they can help you with any unforeseen event and give you the necessary security that your holidays will be exceptional.

You may be asking yourselves, by book directly I can get cheaper prices right? Well the simplest answer is, who do you trust the most?

I'm already at the hotel, now what do I do?

lunch at royal solaris los cabos

When you arrive at the Royal Solaris Los Cabos resort, your worries and stress will be over, there is a very good reason why our hotels saying is "your home away from home".

Enjoy our 6 restaurants that you can choose from and do not worry about trying new dishes, as these will be prepared in the best way, what do you think? Check this article

In this beautiful place you can do many things, from enjoying entertainment with amazing shows every day to jumping in the opportunity to take tours and see the most beautiful sites that Los Cabos has for you.

I brought my children what can I do?

kids club and water park in los cabos

The important thing about having a family vacation is being able to enjoy time with them, as well as enjoying time fo your own.

This is the reason that we have our Kids Club.With our Kids Club you can enjoy your time while your children can too while they are having fun with the animation team who will take care of them as well as doing activities together, all this will be next to the Water Park we have so that young children can play without worries.

But I do not eat meat!

royal solaris los cabos restaurant

Do not worry, many restaurants at Royal Solaris Los Cabos are prepared to serve vegetarian dishes, so you can enjoy the best food during your vacation.

I seek to keep myself in shape!

gym at hotel in los cabos

Being healthy is something that we all want and that is why they have the best equipment so you can exercise in our new gym.

Maybe you do not want to go there do not worry, a new bike lane was built along the entire hotel zone so you can enjoy a morning strolling on your bike or just go for a walk and enjoy the sun.

I want to know more about Los Cabos nightlife!

beer fest los cabos, infront of Royal Solaris Los Cabos

So you decided to live the nightlife? In this destination you can visit the best places to have the fun you want, there are many places, bars, parks and even art exhibitions, you can visit. Do not worry about your transportation there are many taxis or transportation to take you back safely to your room.

You do not want to go far away from the hotel? No problem!

bars near royal solaris los cabos

Near Royal Solaris Los Cabos hotel, there is the Fisherman's Square, where you can find a variety of things, from restaurants, shops, cafes and even art.

No doubt this destination has it all!

Here you have it, a small guide that will help you enjoy your next vacation even better at Royal Solaris Los Cabos so that you can also know it as "your home away from home"!