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7 Tips for low cost airfare

Traveling is something we all like to do, but airlines are one of the main reasons why many people decide not to go on vacation, think flights are costly, do not know when to book or how to get the most out their trip. Although there are ways to travel without spending a lot and you will save money when you book your plane, that is why now I will tell you the 7 Tips for saving on Travel:

If you want to learn how to get the best deals for your flights, make sure you keep reading!

The Airline Apps and their benefits

Booking your Airplane tickets Online

One of the ways to save at airports that are becoming popular is with the use of airline apps. This is because you can get notifications of flight offers from the app, so you can find many cheap trips, and you can even make your reservation directly from your cell phone.

Not to mention that there are also offers for the type of destination you are choosing, since there may be promotions or hot sales in which the place you'll be traveling to, like Los Cabos is low in some seasons, and Cancun is more expensive on the same or vice-versa.

Special Discounts at certain times

If you thought that the previous thing was a little exaggerated, wait to be told that the flight rates also change during the day, that's why having notifications put on your cell phone in case you plan to travel is something that you should not forget.

One of the tricks that many people use is to make their reservations during the night, around 11pm, which is before the rate changes occur and can find prices with special prices before they run out, unique offers or even rates with significant discounts.

Offers by Dates

Vacationing with your Family

It is also common that when you want to make your reservation, you can see how the prices of the airlines change day by day, this happens due to the demand that there is in the flights, how the trips are filled and even the change of season. That's why It is important to be checking daily the prices of the destinations when you want to make your reservation.

One of the most popular beliefs of frequent travelers that have not been confirmed or denied is that on Tuesdays flights are cheaper, this is because airlines update their promotions during this day, so it is common to find the best prices during the first hours of Tuesday.

One way to take advantage of this is also to make your reservation with time because there are also offers for booking in advance, that's why you can find cheaper flights depending on the time, date and how much time you have to anticipate your reservation.

The closest HUBs

When we go on a trip by air, we can see how many airline companies exist, but something not everyone knows is that there are HUBS, where certain airlines have more presence as this is their base of operations

This means that if you book your flight with the agency's HUB your plane will be much cheaper than a normal one, so when you go on vacation, be sure to check at nearby airports if you have an airline Operations Center nearby, as this will give you a quick and safe way to get a cheap flight.

Traveling with layovers

Getting ready for a Family Vacations at the Airport

When we vacation we want our trip to be simple, but something that is not always thought is that our flight has many layovers in different cities because we can believe that it is more expensive, but in fact, it comes at a similar price and also helps us more than we expect. Let me explain: When arriving at a city on a layover, the plane has a specific schedule to flyagain, so we have the opportunity to explore the city, this means that our vacations will not be of one Only destination, we will have to explore different places before arriving at our final destination.

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to take advantage of your vacation if you want to explore new places, know, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Last Minute Flights

Another way to achieve a cheap flight is to be aware of the last minute offers, there are 2 types of last minute flights, one is the reservation at the airport when a seat is opened on a plane which is about to fly. What I recommend is the second way you can get a good discount, it's when you reserve the last seats that are about to fill a flight on a flight in the future.

This is because when a plane starts filling up with their reservations, it is common that people prefer to choose another day, change their flight if they do not find the seat they wanted, so they can be empty seats before departure, and of course, this is something that we can take advantage of.

Even if it means being in the seat near the aisle, or in the middle of the row of seats, but without a doubt getting a cheap place but an excellent place to sit for your holidays trip is worth it.

There is also the possibility of changing the place with other passengers, just Be nice and ask for it, but the most important thing is that you were able to take advantage of the offer for your vacations.

Benefit from Airlines Anniversaries

Reserving your Plane tickets with special discounts

Something that all companies have when offering their products are discounts, offers, and packages for their anniversaries, and airlines are no exception.

One thing you can do to keep abreast of the celebrations of a company and to know when they have the best deals is to receive the emails that this sends you, because there are even discounts that you can get with a unique code, offers to a specific destination between many others things.

Taking advantage of your Credit Card

Something that many people do not take into account when they go on a trip is to use their credit card but to book their plane, this is something that many people do not do because they do not know that there are benefits to doing so.

There are different types of credit cards and the best type if you want to go on vacation is a traveler's credit card, because this will give you benefits or travel miles when traveling, that will give you different benefits such as exclusive discounts, upgrades to your flight at no additional cost, up to be able to go without paying a single penny. You should certainly make sure to check if your card has benefits, so you can take advantage of them on your next trip.


When you search for flights, do them in an incognito browser, that way you will not get a thousand promotional messages on your social networks, even after you have bought your flights

Search your list of friends, who work in airports, they have several tickets a year with special discounts - of course, those tickets are flying under availability, but the prices are undoubtedly excellent.

Now you know, these are 7 tricks that I recommend so that your next flight to your favorite destination is cheap, without spending more, and if you want to know about other tips we have for you such as: How to save money when traveling? o The Advantages of Booking with Time.

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