and things you probably won’t.

Recently I went on vacation abroad, And in just 20 days I realized the reasons why I love Mexico so much.


Mexican people always has been recognized by the cordiality and kindness; always finding an excuse to smile, even when the circumstances are not the best.

By Culture Mexicans are taught to always (most of the times) be polite and cordial enough to say “Hola, Gracias, Por favor.” every occasion requires it, this always makes you feel welcomed, and confident you can make “Nuevos amigos” everywhere you go.

Things you will miss when you leave México -Mexican Kindness


From my experience, I can tell everybody loves Mexican food or at least, one Mexican dish. The Mexican culture is rich in flavors and imagination on how to mix all the ingredients they have at hand to create not only nice food but, culinary experiences. Once you stay in Mexico at least one week eating from the local community, you will miss the food, either you are accustomed or not to the local food.

Things you will miss when you leave México – the food

Always ready to party

In Mexico every day is Friday! Something the world know well about the Mexican people is that they are always ready to party. We love to mingle! Go out with, or to make new friends, chat and laugh while having meals and drinks; The Where and When this happens is not a problem; We are always minded to break the daily routine and have fun.

Things you will miss when you leave México – Always ready to party


Mexico has an ancient history, and some of the oldest traditions are still alive, spicing up the modern life in a unique way. Maybe you have heard about “Day of the dead,” “the “Sacred Mayan Journey,” or Welcome Spring Season at Chichen Itza, watching the God Quetzalcoatl descending the steps of the pyramid. Once you participate in one traditional festivity, you can understand the magic, the history, the culture, and inevitably you fall in love with México, and you’ll want to go back. I guarantee.

Things you will miss when you leave México – Traditions


Spanish has a beautiful sound; it is romantic, it is complicated, it is vast, Complex and it has some tongue twisters for everyday words, that is a funny thing in the Spanish language, especially in Mexico. Slang seems to appear in every phrase; one single word can be used to say something nice or to curse and depends not only on the phrase but, the conversation itself. People from Mexico are gladly open to teach you new words and its use; you will be able to learn by practice. I bet you will miss the rhythmic sound of the language and the way we play with the words.

Things you will miss when you leave México - language
Yes, that’s a town in Mexico 🙂

Paradisiacal beaches

Mexican beaches have something that other beaches around the world are missing, and that is the warmth of the people. Spectacular views make every beach different due to the geography of each region, In Mexico, you can find all kind of paradisiacal beaches, from the desertic beaches in Cabo to Selvatic ones in Cancun. Take some days to watch the sunset or the dawn; you will see incredible colors like no other place.

Things you will miss when you leave México – paradisiacal beaches

The things you will not miss at all:

Moctezuma’s Revenge

Let’s face it. Every foreign person who has visited Mexico has suffered from the “Moctezuma’s Revenge” which is the common name for the Traveler’s diarrhea (TD) caused by the drastic change in the alimentation. In your first days in Mexico, be careful what you eat: Not much fat, not much spicy, and the revenge can become a Moctezuma Welcome.

Public transport

In Mexico, most the public transport is controlled by different labor unions who profit without concerning the quality, so the service is not okay as should be, not only for the tourist but for the people living day a day in Mexico as well. Luckily we have excellent car rentals, taxi services and other options like UBER.


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