Everybody loves to go on vacations. Having a break from the routine is something we would like to do more often than we truly do but, do you know that vacationing it is essential to your well-being? Let’s go through some of the many benefits of vacationing.

The first and most obvious of the advantages: Happiness. Since de moment we realize vacation time is around the corner our happiness levels start to increase, our state of mind is sharper and joyful, this feeling helps fight depression since the endorphins manage to combat the harmful effects that stress may have produced in us.

Why vacationing is more important than you think - increase happiness
Vacationing increase your happiness

Tanning. I know… let me explain to you. Everyone loves to get a tan on vacations. It makes us look attractive (more than usual), and we feel great after a sunbath right? Well, that is because getting a tan is linked to the levels of vitamin D, which helps to fight, depression, some illness, and promotes weight loss. The sun is the sign your brain recognize to release serotonin, a natural feel-good chemical, Remember the above paragraph? Your body knows it before you pack your luggage!

Why vacationing is more important than you think - fight depression and promotes weight loss
Vacationing fight depression and promotes weight loss

Many scientific studies point to the fact that vacationing at least once in a year, live longer and healthier, they have 20% less risk of death. In the opposite hand, people who did not take vacations in 5 years or more, have more possibilities of developing coronary heart disease.

Ok, let’s not be so dramatic. When you are on holiday relaxing by the pool with a drink and a great view, you can start to dream and project yourself in long-term goals you want to achieve when you return home. Setting goals on vacations help you to have a clear visualization of risks and paths to accomplish it, without the stress and the fatigue of the everyday routine. Take the opportunity to make plans while taking a sunbath at the beach!.

Why vacationing is more important than you think - rebuild your world
Vacationing help you to rebuild your world

While vacationing, people are less likely to be stressed or depressed, so it is a great chance to improve your relationships with your family or your loved one, strengthen bonds, ease difficult relations and the most important: Create beautiful memories together.

Make new friends, sounds sort of difficult, but the fact is that is a piece of cake! Almost everyone on vacation is open to meet new people from other places, country or race. Making new friends will help you to get new perspectives in different areas, you will get away from your accustomed lifestyle and help you relate to different places and people, so your knowledge, opinions and the way you see the world could be entirely different after vacations.

Why vacationing is more important than you think - setting goals for the future
Vacationing is a great ocassion to set goals

While on vacation we organize better our time. Despite the fact that we got the idea of doing nothing but rest, we make our best effort to gain more hours a day, and this trend continues when the vacation is over, and this takes us directly to the consequences:

Productivity. Yes, you are reading correctly. Your Productivity increase after your vacations! The mind is rested, easy-going and open to entirely new possibilities. It is your time to innovate, create and take over the world! or the office.

After reading, what are you waiting to go on vacations? Listen to your body! is already asking for it!

Why vacationing is more important than you think


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