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Are you in the countdown to visit Cancun? check out the 2017 List of attractions you must visit to have an unforgettable vacation!

    1. Awaken the past visiting archeological zones.($$)

A must. Travel to de past and stare in awe the massive structures built with only workforce and crude tools. UNESCO has cataloged some of these archeological zones as World Heritage, and one voted as one of the seven wonders of the world. Visit Tulum, El Rey, Cobá or Chichen Itza. Don't forget to bring water, sunscreen, lightweight clothing, camera, and hat; it's hot out there in the jungle!

Tip. Visit Chichen Itza during the afternoon and stay for the light and sound night show, you won't regret it!.

10 things to do in cancun - archeological zones

    1. Isla Mujeres.($$)

Get on board for a 15-minute boat ride travel to Isla Mujeres, the most popular destination in Cancún surroundings nowadays. Stroll the beautiful downtown or rent a golf cart and circle the island to visit Punta Sur Reef park "Garrafón" where you will find great activities such as snorkeling, zip-line, kayaking, panoramic pools, a sculptural garden and the incredible subaquatic Art museum.

10 things to do in cancun - Isla Mujeres

    1. Travel through the Cenotes($$)

There are at least 20 Cenotes near Cancún, and you have to see for yourself what the Maya believed it was at the door to the underworld, and rightly so! The scenes you will discover seems to be taken out of dreams or from another world. Incredible locations surrounded by nature and mysticism that invites you every time to take a dip into their crystalline waters.

Before you go further looking for almost lost Cenotes, we suggest you start with the Xenotes Oasis Maya tour by Xcaret experiences, where you will combine: rappel, zip line, kayaking, and swimming. A whole experience n one day!

10 things to do in Cancun - Xenotes Tour in Cancun Xenotes Tour in Cancun[/caption]

    1. Tequila Herradura Sensorial Museum($$$)

If adventure is not your thing, why don't give a shot to... Tequila? Literally! Tequila Herradura Sensorial Museum is a place where you can learn about the complex production process of the well called "Mexican champagne." You also will learn about the "San Jose Hacienda" in Jalisco, home of one the best tequilas in the world, and to the end of your visit, you and your companion will get a tasting where an expert will explain you the fundamental differences between the tequilas.

10 things to do in Cancun - Fishing

    1. La Isla Shopping Village.($$$)

Shopping day! No vacation is complete without a day like this. In this fantastic mall, you can find everything you need: Souvenirs, restaurants, aquarium, movie theatre and general entertainment so you and your family can have a good day without leaving the place. Is just about 15 minutes away and if you get enough during the day (we doubt so), you can move to near places without a problem.

10 things to do in Cancun - Shopping at La isla shoppig villa

    1. Captain Hook. Pirate Dinner Show.($$)

When the sun falls on the horizon is time to start a dining experience for the whole family. The Captain will host the fun during the journey until enemy pirates approach your galleon and jump on board the 18th Century authentic Spanish replica to fight with swords and pistols (props obviously).

Captain Hook Pirate Dinner Show, is one of a kind spectacle in Cancun you don't want to miss. Even though you already know the show, every time is a different adventure. See you there Pirate!

10 things to do in Cancun - Captain Hook dinner show

    1. Xenses park.($$$)

Do you remember when I talk to you about the Fantastic World of Xenses ? Well, so there is not much more to say, are you already counting the seconds to visit it, or you already did? A fantastic day trip for all the family. Definitely one of the best Cancun attractions for 2017! 10 things to do in Cancun - Nightlife

    1. The endless Nightlife in Cancun Downtown.($$)

Cancun has always been well known for the endless fun and the countless restaurants, bars, discotheques and night shows for all the tastes and moods. You can jump from one place to another having the certainty that you will always get excellent service and unlimited fun, this hasn't changed during years and in the 2017 update is not the exception.

10 things to do in cancun - nightlife

    1. Xel-ha.($$)

Here we have another 2017 winner and Cancun Classic. This snorkeling paradise will give to your family an spectacular day of fun-filled activities: Zip-lines, bicycle tours, snorkeling, a wide variety of Mexican restaurants, cultural events and multiple shows during the day and a great show to close the night. Visit Xel-ha and rediscover the traditional activities and the new ones they create for you every year or less.

10 things to do in cancun - Xel-Ha

    1. Sea Trek at the Interactive Aquarium.($$)

And the last but not the least, a cultural day for you and your kids, the Interactive Aquarium in Cancun goes way beyond of observing fishes and reading a square paper to "learn more." Instead, wear your swimsuit and jump into the tank to interact with more than ten species! From all the activities available in Cancun this is one of my favorites since recall us we are part of this beautiful planet earth, we are not a separate entity.

10 things to do in cancun - Sea trek interactive aquarium

Beyond the 10 things to do in Cancun:

Spend an afternoon of your vacations at "Playa Delfines" a public beach rich in flora and fauna with a beautiful view and Blue Flag certificate.

You have to visit Playa del Carmen, is an attraction and a destination by itself, just 45 minutes away from Cancun you will find a beautiful town full of restaurants, art galleries, and bars.

The Scenic tower of Cancun is a classic spot to take some great Instagram pics, It's about 100 meters high, and with it revolving structure you can admire Cancun from a whole new perspective.

There are many spots more to visit and recreate by yourself, your loved one or with your family, the above points are just the highlights for this year, so what are you waiting to make your reservation?

PS. At the moment of compiling this post, I did not include Ventura Park. Definitively should have to be here. To amend that, I wrote a whole post about Ventura Park in Cancun . Please read it and let me know what number of the top ten you would put it.