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Solaris Christmas 20171

It's December and Christmas has arrived at all of the Hotels of Royal Solaris in Cancun and Cabos!, as everyone is having a great time with fun at the different resorts, the lobbies have been decorated to show the Christmas mood to all of the guests & members. As we made sure that all of our destinations in Cabos and Cancun will show you how to have a Solaris Christmas!

From Christmas Trees to Christmassy Staff!

Not only did our guests showed their Christmas spirit, as the Solaris Staff made sure to express their own, as they dressed up and cheered up from the kids to the adults with the joy the Solaris Family is known for, from the child to the adults, everyone had a good time on the first day of December with the traditional lighting up of the Christmas tree, as everyone gathered around for this special event.

Themed drinks and a Special Visitor!

From fruit punch to cookies and hot cocoa, everyone was enjoying a traditional Christmas meal as they gathered around and received the visit of Santa Claus himself, which made sure to visit the Resorts in Cabos and Cancun because Santa knows where he can have a nice rest from flying all around the world!

Your Solaris Family and Santa are waiting for you!

So be sure to stay tuned in our Social Media Accounts because we'll be showing you how we enjoy this Christmas at the different Resorts of the Solaris Family because this December at all of our Resorts in Cancun and Cabos, We'll be having a Solaris kind of Christmas!