Solaris is LOVE

Hi fellow readers, we are so sad you couldn’t be here this past weekend, to celebrate Valentines with us the Solaris Family, either way, we LOVE you, and can’t wait to see you again soon, we are going to give you the recap of what we had in store for our lovely members and guests, and how we made this holiday even more special!

Royal Solaris Cancun & GR Caribe

We started the day the best way possible with a YOGA Oceanfront master class for couples, Where Jorge, our instructor, received them with hot face towels and started with some interesting posses so the lovebirds could open their chakras correctly, peaceful music played in the background. At the end, everyone could enjoy a refreshing infused pickle water.

At noon, 5 couples were selected to have a massage class, in the oceanfront Palapa, there the SPA therapist show each one of the couples how they can massage specific points of the hands legs and shoulders to a relaxing point, each one of them had 15 min to enjoy the relaxing therapy by Two people ( their husband/wife and the professional) we also teach things for a future.

Celebrating Valentine's Day at the Restaurants in Cancun

Past Noon We had a special surprise for 6 couples, 3 of them being members, We took them to experience the Whole nine yards, as we started with our Kitchen tour, taking them behind the scenes, on how the food department processes everything that is prepared for this day, and each one, Starting by the Bakery, then going thru the fridges, ovens, and ending in Bogavante Restaurant for a four-course meal, at a section where they could appreciate the turquoise blue sea, a barista was there to prepare special cocktails, and even a band showed up to amaze the moment.

For the Big finale, The GR Caribe pool was transformed into a big stage, with a buffet, Tables, and even a Valentines photo booth with 2 Real live Cupids, everyone was waiting patiently for the main show, showcased some acrobats, a pair of Roller Skaters, in a trampoline, and the prime attraction a balancing act in the middle of the air, with no net, only the pool, following this, people thought it was over, but no, there was one more surprise, a Trio of Tenors harmonized the evening with popular songs so people could sing along.

Of course, The rest of the restaurants were also open to receiving those who missed the main show, with special menus at the sit-down ones; also, our show Love city was done in the main theatre, and LIVE music to sing, and dance was on stage at the Lobby Bar. It couldn’t be a Valentine's Day, without a Wedding, as we celebrated a special one at our Gazebo, with a private moonlight Dinner.

GR Solaris

Cupid spreading love at the Solaris Resorts in Cancun

The theme here was Drive in ‘50s with everything set as we see in the classic movies, A great way to celebrate LOVE and friendships, starting the Day Israel our conditioning instructor, took his yoga Class to the Solaris Marina, what better way to have peace of mind, that at the Dock with the sound of the waves splashing on the jungle, and the noise of the nature.

At noon, our lovely Staff Dressed up as cupid, a giant heart, to invite everyone and take a picture with the team and get into Valentine’s mood, even the little kids were having a blast.

Followed by the Wedding chapel, Where preceded by the great Elvis as a minister, 8 lucky couples got married at our pool, we even had a 52 wedding vows ceremony, where they did their own, and sealed it with a beautiful kiss, to the amaze of everyone there, That is what we call LOVE.

The Kids club in cancun celebrating valentines day

Meanwhile, the kids club had a cooking class, and they made some mini hamburgers and milkshakes, Yes all of the different flavors, kids were happy, until they heard they had to eat their vegetables in the burgers, haha.

For the main show, as you might have guessed it, the music and the dancers gathered in the Main Terrace, where everything was set with 2 Open bars, and a buffet-style service, for all to enjoy; the show, featured Dancing from the late 50s, with Swing, Twist and other popular hits from that Era, something All our guests enjoyed, and how wouldn’t they, if it was made with love for the special occasion.

Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Love came to Cabo, and Pancho, with the help of a pair of cupids, welcomed Valentine's Day. Early morning, they brought love to every Guest and Member, whether they were enjoying breakfast at Café Solaris, at the pool, or even to those who were at the lounge chairs receiving February 14th with a nice sunbath on the beach.

Pancho Solaris spreading love during Valentines Day in Cabo

During the day, the animation team was in charge of keeping the love in the air with an activity made for him and her, the Perfect Couple contest, and Marry Me! Activity.

During the perfect couple contest, couples were able to have fun with the different challenges they had to complete, from doing the best poses, swimming through the pool, among more things, and all this in the shortest possible time. During the activity of "Marry Me," they were able to design their dress in funny ways while trying to show the best bridal dresses and take funny pictures.

While the couples enjoyed the activities in the main pool, at the mini club, they were making crafts to celebrate Valentine's Day, with skewered decorations made with chocolates, marshmallows, gummies, which would later be eaten or given to their friends or their parents.

When the night arrived, we had a unique show to celebrate the Holiday. During this show, several couple's stories were told through acrobatic acts, dance, music, and more, making this a terrific show that everyone present could enjoy.

At the end of the show, a delicious buffet was waiting for everyone at Café Solaris, where everything was decorated with red & white colors, and heart-shaped pastries, an exceptional dinner to celebrate and close this special day.

Everyone at the Solaris hotels had the chance to celebrate Valentine's Day in a big way. If you want to see more about how we celebrated, I invite you to take a look at our special Valentine's album on Facebook, where you can see the photos of everything that happened at the Solaris hotels during this special day.

We will be waiting for you at your favorite hotel.

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