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Did you know?

Club Solaris has 40,000 partners, a website with +1200 visitors every day and a social community in facebook with more than 6,000 fans and growing.


What’s in Cabo?

We want the people that visit Cabo to know what exists in the destination and promote it within our website and social community.

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Let’s Work Together

Restaurants, Bars, Boutiques, Shops, Suppliers of Activities and much more. It is proposed to build a sinergy with companies that provide tourism services in Los Cabos

Our Service

Club Solaris offers to generate an advertising video as part of our cross marketing campaign between facebook fanpages and websites. *No charges, we just ask for your help*

Everybody Wins!

All we need is 5 courtesies (we would
elaborate the coupons previously approved by you) for our Club Solaris members of 2 beers and an appetizer, since that way we will generate affluence making it a WIN:WIN alliance.

How about a handshake?

if this looks attractive to you and reasonable for your business, don’t hesitate in giving us a call.

Phone Number


Montserrat Roura

Marketing Manager

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