In recent days, Los Cabos was the place of visit of Tropical Storm Lidia. As soon as the first news began to circulate, the entire staff of Club Solaris, in coordination with the staff of Royal Solaris Los Cabos began with the preparations and all the security measures for our Members and guests before, during and after this meteorological phenomenon.

Tropical Storm Lidia arrived to Los Cabos full of rain and wind as we all expected. Undoubtedly, the hours she was affecting Los Cabos were hours of great uncertainty and even surprise. With the passing of the hours, its effects were diminishing, until it was completely gone, moving away towards the north of the Peninsula of Baja California.

The facilities of Royal Solaris Los Cabos were slightly affected, and with the great work of all the staff from the first minute as soon as Tropical Storm Lidia left us, they began to work to leave everything ready for our Members and Guests, and from these letters we congratulate each one of them, since the hotel was at all times and has been open thanks to their extraordinary collaboration..

As soon as the wind and rain left, and as soon as we could, Club Solaris saw through the window that it was time to help Los Cabos, to this paradise that has given us so much. Many people were not as lucky as many of us, and even they lost their homes in the winds and rain of Tropical Storm Lydia.

The staff of Club Solaris, led by Lili, Fatima, Carla and Karola, took a van, went to the supermarket to buy food, diapers, bottles of water, clothes and everything that our neighbors might need. As they approached the affected colonies, the illusion grew, and time became eternal during the journey. As soon as the van stopped, people began to approach. At first, there was confusion in several people living in the colonies, because nobody knew who visited them.

Smiles in Cabo [JOY]

This confusion turned into smiles and joy, and the atmosphere that felt sad, was simply full of emotion and more and more people came to the van. With great enthusiasm opened the back door of the van, and they were delivering each of the articles to each of the people who approached. We know that there is still a lot to do, but all of us who are part of the Club Solaris staff, are extremely grateful for all that Cabo has given us and everything we are grateful for, and we are very happy to be able to return to Cabo a little of everything he has given us.




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