A few days ago, I had the wonderful experience of embarking on the fabulous Sunrider boat with a single mission, which was not only to enjoy a sunny day bordering the beautiful landscape of the Sea of Cortes, but to be able also to witness firsthand such an amazing adventure, that simply could not stop doing it forever, that is, snorkeling.

While the Arch was lagging behind, as we moved more and more nautical miles to our destination, the atmosphere of all who were on board was more and more excited and the party felt every moment more.

The music sounded at the rhythm of the sun shining the waves on the sea, which seemed to flash in tune with the smiles of all who were about to enjoy the entrance to the fantastic world under the Sea of Cortes.

After about 40 minutes sailing parallel to the coast, the Captain of the Sunrider announced that we were arriving at the Chileno Bay, and just as the boat began to turn towards the bay, all the people began to applaud and listen carefully to all the indications for the care and use of equipment for snorkeling, such as the visor, a lifejacket, a pair of fins and snorkel.

While each guest was taking their place in line, while the equipment was set to snorkel, the emotion of exploring a whole new and beautiful world could be felt in the air, waiting for them right below us all. To the rhythm of the music, one by one they jumped to the sea and immediately began to enjoy this wonderful experience. Can you imagine swimming in this crystal clear and warm waters, and at the same time you can admire many multi-colored fish swimming right by your side? It was not only possible for all of us, it was a reality.

Snorkeling in Cabo [the realization]

What can I tell you about this experience? I think I would be very short on describing it, but I can anticipate the following. Do you imagine being immersed in a completely new world, where you feel like the waves embrace your body, and at the same time, feel all the magic of the sea in every pore and every moment? Do you imagine being able to see with your own eyes, some images that on many occasions we could only contemplate on the television, realizing that the colors are as alive as you, and seeing how the fish seem to swim to the rhythm of the sunshine through the water? Unfortunately I could not share photos and an underwater video on this occasion, but it is a promise that you will soon see them on our Facebook fan page.

I think you already realized that I really like to keep you intrigued, so for now I share this video posted it on the Club Solaris, at the beginning of this trip.

Do you want to know more about my SunRider adventure?

Well, stay tunned because the next time I will be talking about it.






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