On August 21, 2017 (last monday) I had the fortune to admire the beauty and majesty of the Solar eclipse 2017 in Cabo. Although in a good part of the Mexican territory this eclipse was only partial (in a part of United States it was total) that did not stop me from being able to taste it second by second.

This is how the solar eclipse 2017 showed itself in Cabo main picture

I was very excited to be able to share all the details about this event in Cancun, however, the weather had other intentions and the sky was cloudy.

But let me tell you that Cabo had also great preparations for this event, so make yourself comfortable because this just begins.

I must admit, a few days before the eclipse, I visited Google several times to know the exact time of the beginning of the eclipse, its maximum phase and time of completion.

Before such a special event I knew I had to cover it in a very special way (who wouldn’t right?). So I put on shorts, a shirt, and some tennis and accompany the Club Solaris team to the House Tour in Los Cabos (which I will give you more details soon). We jumped right in the Sunrider boat in Cabo San Lucas (one in a life-time experience i gotta say!), and after visiting the famous Arch, we headed to Chileno Bay to admire the landscape as well as to snorkel for an hour, taking advantage of the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortes.

Solar eclipse 2017 [the realization]

Barely a few minutes had passed since the snorkeling activity was over, I saw the clock and realized that it was only minutes to the maximum phase of the eclipse (I just had to be ready by that time). So I took my camera and with all the precautions, I began a Facebook Live on our Club Solaris fan page and took some photographs of the eclipse. In Los Cabos, the eclipse was only at 40% of the total, but still, it was fantastic to watch how this solar eclipse 2017 took part in our day.

All the people were very enthusiastic for watching this amazing eclipse shadows reflected in the deck of the boat and they enjoyed it to the maximum. After so many emotions lived, the Sunrider began its trip back to Cabo San Lucas with a very good party aboard.

Do you want to know more about my SunRider adventure?

well, stay tunned because the next time I will be talking about it.





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